That Fantastic Idea With The Hangers…

Have you also come across that fantastic idea with the hangers? A great trick saying that on the 1st of January, you turn all of the hangers in your closet backwards. After every time you use a piece of clothing, you put it back with the hanger looking into the regular direction. Then you take stock after 6 months (or a year… or whenever you feel like!). All hangers that are still hanging backwards hold clothes that you haven’t worn during that period of time. It’s time for them to wander to the donation pile.

hangers resolution new year
(alas, I can’t give credit for this great picture as it has no name on it 😦 If it’s your picture, please let me know and I’ll give you credit, or remove it if you prefer. I mean no trouble 🙂 )

It is indeed quite a brilliant idea and would be surely worth trying! I felt it was so good it was worth sharing with you guys 😀 I won’t be trying it out myself though because:

* my main clothes are not on hangers so it would make little sense to try this.

* I will not be donating my ball gown if I don’t wear it for a year, because, after all, it is my ball gown for goodness sake 😉

* Looking at the hangers hanging backwards on the picture troubles me… I think they would trouble me even more in real life… Call me OCD in a way or whatever you like – but it’s as if looking at the toilet paper put backwards… Aren’t you also one of those that changes it so it “looks right”? See?! 😉

But maybe this might inspire one or another to try it? Make sure to let me know when you take stock, or if you’ve already tried it, tell me how it went 🙂 !!!


14 thoughts on “That Fantastic Idea With The Hangers…

    1. …that is a brilliant idea!!! I was thinking about what to do with stuff I only wore once that are not really dirty because you wear layers of clothes underneath of it… They end up being piled around my room – I think I might try out your thing here!

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      1. Maybe a separate closet as Jill suggested would be the best idea after all 😉 although – where do you fit in an additional closet… hmmmm… Or hanging all the used clothes to the very right of the closet, that could work with all the hangers looking the same direction. You’d just have to “mark” the “used” region somehow 😉


      2. It’s tricky. As you say, where to find an extra closet…? Plus, I’m OCD, so my clothes on the hangers are sorted by type (shirts, blouses, skirts…), colour, length of sleeves and other intricate criteria – so I can’t just randomly hang something elsewhere 😮 Maybe I should do something about my OCD first.

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      3. The extra closet would solve it all – you can STILL hang them in the right position with the hangers looking to the same direction. That would be a double-win! Maybe decluttering to make the second closet fit the clothes could help *lol*.


      4. The second closet? What’d that? I never heard of the like of the second closet… No, but seriously, I don’t have a second closet and have nowhere to put it, so that’s off for me. Fortunately, I have few clothes – and before you start admiring me having few clothes, I need to explain that it’s because I put on a lot of weight recently, so most of my clothes simply had to go because it was ridiculously small. 😦

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      5. I ashamedly have to admit that I have two… pushed together, they look like a big one… I nearly daren’t say that in my last apartment I had three – I bought the two and forgot there was a built-in closet in the apartment^^ But I used it to store many other things so it doesn’t really count, right? Oh no – that makes the whole desicion more difficult on what to keep – although as you describe having few things it might not be a desicion because you purge quicker. I still hold on to a few clothes I adore but are a wee bit too small for me now 😦


      6. No need to be ashamed, I do have one closet, but it’s a built-in one, so it’s large… Perhaps as large as your two closets! And don’t feel that you need to throw out everything – I’m also holding to some items out of sentimentality only…

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      7. Sometimes they just need more time to be let go… I often find myself holding back something I intended to give away. After a few more tries I suddenly feel it’s good – and let go. It’s all a process…

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  1. Good idea but hanging the hangers backwards would drive me crazy! I think I will take the clothes I don’t wear much and put them in another closet. If I don’t miss them after about a month or two, I could probably get rid of them! 😃

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    1. Haha, so you’re one of those as well 😀 I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets the creeps by backwards things 😉 Your idea with the other closet sounds great! I’ve heard that with a box as well. By having purged my closet a few months ago I still remember all the things I put in there – and just today I came across a T-shirt I knew I haven’t worn ever since… Welcome to the Brocki bag 😉

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