4 thoughts on “Follow My Instagram! Or Whatever… 2:0

  1. I like to share my blog with family and friends but I find family doesn’t usually follow me – mostly friends and my friends I have made blogging. I feel that if they don’t like what I say or blog about, they won’t continue to read it. Plus everyone is so busy! So I have no expectations on anyone reading my blog. It is something I do for me. 😄

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    1. Thanks Jill for sharing your thoughts on this! I really appreciate it ❤ You're right, if it's not interesting, they won't continue to read it. Maybe it's just that "big brother is watching you" feel I don't like about the idea – that acquaintances or friends I know just go pry and read not because of what I'm writing about, but because they're nosy. I think I have a bit of a problem with nosyness 😉 Who knows, I might change my mind some day.

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    1. Je viens de découvrir que si on va sur le site d’internet de soi même on peut télécharger la photo du site au telephone – comme ça c’est possible de mêtre des photos de bonne qualitée sur Instagram. Pour moi ça à changé la valeur d’Instagram car prendre des photos avec mon tablet c’est assez nul^^ Peut-être vous trouvez des réponses sur votre questions dans le site d’aide d’Instagram?


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