Happy New Year – And All That Stuff…

final watermark- happy new year 2016 brilliantI wish you, dear blogging community, a very happy but specially brilliant year 2016! I hope you skidded over well – as we call it here 🙂

I intended writing this post yesterday but was in a KM-frenzy – sorry about that! I will be posting and update soon (hopefully) about how I got on with my messy room now after a year and showing you if I managed to reach my goal I set up last year – featuring a video of the last few weeks 🙂

I also figured I didn’t need to rush myself and bother posting this yesterday – I was probably the only sad sod sitting at home on New Year’s Eve with no one to be reading this post anyhow – although the question is if the hung over people would read it today 😉 Sorry, just joking (halfway…) – I am currently indulged in my own misery and I read that allowing to feel one’s feelings shall be good for them, so there you are 😉

I must tell you: 2015 has been a hell of a year – in a negative way. I had a pretty bad start and a worse ending. In between I frantically tried to keep up with things and specially tried to keep myself together. Just as I was thinking I might be alright after all and things were getting better, a few last WHOOSHES swept me off my feet. And now I’m at the bottom again, trying to pick up the pieces left scattered around, and trying to make a fresh start.

Fresh year. Fresh start. That sounds good! Brilliant, even…

But let’s not forget about the important things I’ve learned this year, and things I’m specially grateful for:

* I can always count on lovely friends and family and I can feel their support and love ❤

* I dove into the blogging world – what an interesting journey that has been!

* I managed to reach 7 of my 15 resolutions I set up last year (…hey – that’s more than half! 😉 )

* I topped one hell of a resolution I had kept mentally but thought was too far out to write down – WOHOO – go me!!!

* I’ve learned so much on my decluttering journey, also with the great help of Marie Kondo

* Through some issues I had in the beginning of the year, I learned a lot about myself, about life, about letting go, about being grateful… Maybe, in the end, I shall really look at the whole thing as a chance and be happy that it happened to me. I might blog about it at some later point, but I’m not ready for it yet. So bear with me 😉

So yes, it has not all just been negative, but it’s been quite a struggle… A major struggle. But the good thing is – hey – it can’t get much worse now, can it 😉 ? I shall be trying to see things more positively from now on (which is one hell of a task for me actually since I tend to see it positively for everyone else but me!) and see what happens this year… 🙂 And, quoting a good wise friend of mine – it’s fine, because I’m healthy. She’s right! So I shall be grateful I’m healthy on top of this all…

So again – a very happy new year to you – may it be brilliant 🙂 !!!

About the photograph: These are some cacti with glitter I found on a stroll through Zürich – they were displayed amongst other great glittery stuff on a window sill of a flower shop. I don’t know for how long I stood there in front of that flower shop toying around with my camera but it was too much fun, specially because their interior decor was just amazing! For the shot I used the Star Filter on the Creative Control set of my camera which gave me a nice and corny picture 😉 In deep blog conversations with Mara Eastern she inspired me to make something out of the picture – combined with the wishes of an old Irish friend wishing me a “brilliant” new year, I created the final picture above, which goes well together with the further signification of “brilliant”, meaning also “full of light; shining intensely”. Thank you dear Mara 🙂


8 thoughts on “Happy New Year – And All That Stuff…

    1. Yes, aren’t they neat? I must say I nearly went back in there to buy myself one^^ But I first have to make room here before I bring back anything else into this room 😉 Yes, it’s truly great!!!


      1. By the time I’ll get this place all completely nicely sorted I’d be either a) gone somewhere else or b) the cacti would be out of fashion and out of stock… well bummer…!


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