Friday Flow #47: Keeping An Art Journal

I hope you all had a good start into this new year 🙂 Today I would like to share something with you that has enriched my past year in quite a significant way. Last December I read about an “Art Journal” for the very first time in my life. I was intrigued – and spent hours afterwards gazing at the massive amount of gorgeous journal pages that were scattered around the net (just try and type “art journal” into your search engine – and prepare…!). It was like getting an overdose of inspiration!

Now I’ve always been some sort of artsy person and love crafting and painting, but it seems as if I’ve just been putting it aside in the past few years. Looking at those a-ma-zing art journal pages on the internet made me feel small though, unexperienced and like I’d never be able to do something as fantastic as these people on the internet. To be honest – in the end, after the overdose of inspirational drug wore off, it totally discouraged me…^^

Until I came across this beautiful video:

…and that’s when it made “bing” – I was determined to try this in order to try to give my creativity another go and include it more into my every day life.

The thing I love most about this video is that rather than focusing on how great it is to do an art journal, it truly helps you find the last bit of courage to try it. To do it for yourself. And to feel that anything you do is okay. Because it’s made by you.

Uplifted with my spirits (Thank you so much for it, dear Kristal Norton! ❤ ) I then grabbed a beautiful notebook I had gotten for Christmas, and what better start was there to do a page dedicated to my new year’s resolutions for 2015? So I just went on with it – took my box of watercolours out of the deepest dungeons of my mess, blew the dust off it and started. Just. Like.That. And you know what? It was easy, but specially, it was so much fun !!!

watermarked-tn_art journal 2I must say my art journal helped me develop my creativity a lot more this year. I had an easy access to just put down ideas of mine, instead of pushing the action further off because it felt too complicated (or I was too lazy^^) to take out all of the art supplies… I had a very good companion for this past year and would suggest it to anyone who yearns to try out things and bring a little bit more creativity and art into his life! Just go for it and try it – it’s really so easy and the hardest thing is always just to start, right 😉 ?

watermarked-tn_art journal 4Last night, on the last night of 2015, I sat down with my art journal while people outside on the streets were going berserk with fireworks and yelling. I looked at the pages and felt satisfaction and even happiness for what I’ve created throughout the year. And I looked at the page I had done on December 31st 2014, with all my hopes and dreams for 2015. I had written down 15 goals or dreams I set myself for the upcoming year. Things I wished to change. To try. To reach. I wrote them down into green bubbles surrounding the year 2015 with the idea that a year from then I would look at them and connect the bubbles that got resolved within the year.

watermarked-tn_art journal 1As you can see, one of my set goals “try a blog” is connected to the number 😉 I managed to reach 7 of them – that’s more than half 🙂 But the good thing is that I’ve done them without pressure. I’m not bitter for the things I didn’t manage, I’m just grateful and happy for the ones I did, and that’s the most powerful thing I’ve learned this year. Thank you, dear Art Journal ❤

watermarked-tn_art journal 3How about you – do you also keep an art journal, or a regular journal, or a whatever else journal 🙂 ? Tell me about it, I’d love to hear ❤








Edit January 10th 2016 – Krystal is even offering a free online-course for Art Journaling! Visit her web page here:


4 thoughts on “Friday Flow #47: Keeping An Art Journal

  1. I love it!!!! I actually came across a blog post by someone else the other day. She unfortunately suffers with mental health issues, however the way she wrote every post was amazing. She noted all the stuff she achieved that day, and ways to do things better. She obviously wrote about bad things, but she did her best to be optimistic. It was like an online diary. And it totally inspired me to have my own diary and write in it like she did (but not an online one! Just in a notebook!). It inspires me to be more productive, and also lets me express my feelings freely with out having to worry about who I am telling. But now that I have seen this post of yours, I really want to try an art journal as well! Maybe I will write just positive things in my art journal? And not write everyday, but maybe when I go out or do something really different? Thank you for inspiring me! And I LOVE your blog!! We have the same motives;) xxxxxx

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    1. Oh my, Hannah, what an adorable lovely post you’ve written for me here – thank you so much for it, it means a lot ❤ It's truly so great how random strangers on the internet can inspire each other to do things… I mean, a random stranger inspired me to start with my art journal as well 🙂 I can really only recommend you to try it… Just yesterday I painted a bit in it again. It's sooo liberating and sooting – even more than the plain writing (I took up a writing journal again just recently as a matter of fact). And just like it says on the video – it can be anything you like! Nice thoughts, bad thoughts, dreams, wishes, lists, really anything…! I do have some pretty dark pages on mine as well, so it's not all just beautiful and happy, but the most important thing is that it's yours and yours only and you can develop and grow through it ❤ Thanks a lot for commenting, dear Hannah ❤

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