More Stuff Is Gone…!

I don’t know what’s going on right now but decluttering happens so quick these past few weeks as I mentioned in this post here before. I can only agree to the assumptions I wrote down there, plus repeat and say that it’s holiday season and therefore lot’s of holiday decorations wandered into the charity bags. Bag no. 18 also filled up within a day, bag no.19 within a week! I brought them over to the Brocki (goodwill store) last weekend.watermarked-tn_bag no. 18 watermarked-tn_bag no.19








Since it was Holiday Season I was wrapping and preparing a lot of presents. I even wrapped stuff I gave away to people because they wanted to have it 😀 It made me happy to use my wrapping stuff and it was lovely to see them being even more happy to be getting their item packed in a lovely way 🙂 That must have been the best part of it all for me 😉

I keep my wrapping stuff such as ribbons and decorations in boxes (I need to replace those, yes…). I used to have two – after decluttering it with the help of the Konmari Method I managed to have just one box left. Awesome!

watermarked-tn_ribbon and deco boxesI’m currently working on bag no.20 – I can’t believe so many bags are already gone! So much stuff was cluttering up my life! Just before I came across some old pictures from when I left my childhood room to move out for good – So.Much.Stuff!!! Most of it is gone and as I recognize the items on the picture I realize how happy I am that they’re gone and how I don’t miss them at all! It’s not that I didn’t like them, not at all, but just the amount of things that you end up gathering throughout your childhood and teenage years is unbearable… I can’t explain that phenomenon but it surely must be a western one! And it somewhat just shows that things can’t make you happy, as I dare assuming very few of us are actually happy surrounded by piles of stuff…

I came across this YouTube video of a lady that had a hoarding problem – it put my own problems a bit into perspective, but I still found it fascinating to look at the amount of items she’s been keeping in her house for all those years… It surely made me think… I felt for this lady – although I’m nowhere near a hoarder (says me! *g*), I really felt for her. And I’m happy to see she managed to let it all go and start over! Check it out:

Are you a bit of a hoarder yourself or do you tend to be a minimalist? Or something in between? Do you also struggle with the amount of things you keep at home?




7 thoughts on “More Stuff Is Gone…!

    1. Fantastic!!! Don’t forget to take a picture first 😉 I know, it’s unbelievable – and that’s just the regular “stuff”! Clothes, books and oder donations excluded…^^ When I’m done I shall try to put all the pictures together *lol*

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  1. I am in between. I hoard stuff coz I am sentimental but I really feel like I have accomplished something when I declutter! Top tip I learnt (which is common sense really!) is to tackle it drawer by drawer or box by box. Slower and more frustrating but more realistic in the long run.

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    1. Thank you for your tip! That’s what I’m currently also doing since there’s too much going on at the moment to tackle by categories (Marie Kondo would kill me if she knew *lol*). I’m tackling my desk at the moment to make it look pretty again. And you’re right, I had the same thought – it appears to be going sooooo… slow but in the long run it might be more effective after all… Thank you dear! ❤

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