Follow My Instagram! Or Whatever…

I must say I still don’t have one of those new phone thingies with a touch screen. I still use (two…!) very very (VERY) very old Nokia phones – they do their job. Just before my last trip to Ireland in spring I brought myself to buy a tablet – for pure logistic reasons of booking and searching transport & hostel information and communication purposes.

Well, of course after a few months I started using it for much more than that. Games I hoped I’d never start playing ended up as App’s on my tablet, and more junk I hoped I’d never add and use…^^

The thing is that the Instagram thing I kept seeing on the facebook sites of my friends kept intriguing me 😉 … For many years now! For some weird reason (to me at least!) you cannot use the App on a computer… The other day I tried to install it on my tablet and – tadaaah – it worked 😀

Of course I am still quite helpless with it and don’t quite get it – just managed to figure out how to re-post good quality pictures of my blog to it (instead – now don’t laugh! – trying to take a good picture with the tablet of the picture on the computer screen…^^)

Well anyhow yes – I added the Instagram icon to the side bar and you can follow me here:

I intend to make it a mixture of unfeatured photographs taken with the tablet and blog photographs. Hope you like it 🙂


16 thoughts on “Follow My Instagram! Or Whatever…

      1. Never mind, Vine is an app connected with Twitter on which you can post short video loops. I didn’t use it for too long, I found that video isn’t my medium after all. But I can perfectly visualise your struggle with Instagram based on my Vine experience!

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      2. Ah, I see. I’m not on Twitter either nor any other of these things. I just had another massive problem with Instagram because I wanted to connect it with my messy world facebook site but it connected with my regular account and all my facebook friends started to befriend me :-/ That’s clearly NOT what I wanted… I might have to delete the account again *lol*


      3. …I really think I’ll have to delete it and re-set it… No one is replying to me with my problem from the help center and people keep finding me. I think it’s better to do it now in the early stages rather than later. But the name will be gone then 😦


      4. I was thinking that – they STILL haven’t replied yet… after 2 messages… I don’t trust them^^ Apparently Instagram is owned by facebook so I fear they may tell me they can’t do anything about it anyhow *lol* Aaaah….


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