The Idea Of Replacing Things (KM Method)

As most of you might know, I read “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo and have been studying it thoroughly, trying to get a hold of my messy room here back home. The main thing she’s suggesting to get a more happy lifestyle is to only keep things that truly spark joy and let go of everything else.

I was mainly brought up in western countries. We were not super rich, but we were not poor either. We just learned to take care of our things to make them last longer, keep them nicer and use them with care. We learned how to save money and not to waste things. We’ve also lived in very poor countries where not everyone had enough, and saw what that was like. When traveling in non-western countries I come across poverty many times and it is always a very enriching experience to see how happy these people are despite not having much. It also makes you really think about them, about our planet and its ressources and our waste. In the end – my thought so far has always been the following:

If you have something that is not broken and still does its purpose, there’s no need to replace it.

Until I read that book by Marie Kondo… Her idea and mine clashed as hard as two stones ever could… My oh my – have I put lots of thought into this one! Why would you get rid of something that is still good and usable? The cute mug with a little split corner? I can still drink my tea in it alright, the broken part does not keep me from enjoying my cuppa, right? And it’s so cute anyhow that it’s really still sparking joy. So why would I replace it?

Exactly – why would I… I don’t! That’s the point. It get’s interesting though when you ask yourself the question does it spark joy ?

And that’s when I realized that many things that were well used or a bit broken actually didn’t anymore. Not my mug 😉 but other things!

Just recently I was in a bookstore and saw this gorgeous, but I mean gorgeous shopping bag. I looked at it and my heart melted <3. And then I put it back… Why? Because I already had one that was handy enough.

Luckily, I was standing in line for another while and waiting for a friend and had time to ponder about it. I then asked myself THE question… And I realized that my old shopping bag didn’t spark me much joy at all anymore! It was big enough and handy, yes, but that new one…?

That’s when I understood what Marie Kondo meant. How that simple question changes your life and brings you joy – every day – because you’re, in the end, only surrounded by lovely items that spark joy to you…


Isn’t it just adorable 🙂 ? I come across my new shopping bag nearly every day. And guess what – every time I see it, it sparks so much joy and makes me feel good and happy!

The good thing is that I’m lucky enough to live in a city where there are plenty of Brockis (charity shops) and so the old shopping bag went into my last Brocki bag.

Once again – thank you, Marie Kondo! ❤


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