How I Managed To Fill Two Bags In A Week And Another In A Day For Goodwill

A mere week after I took Brocki bag #14 to the Brocki (Goodwill store) I filled another two bags, imagine that!!! And not only that but after I finished filling them, drank a coffee and brought them over to the Brocki (which, I love repeating, I know, so sorry, but it’s too cool that I live so close to it!!!) I managed to fill another one!!! Can you believe that?!

tn_bag no. 16
full bag #16…
tn_bag no.17
…and 17 filled within a week!









After I got back home I went to the attic to take down some more stuff for Christmas – and ended up rooting through another box I had upstairs with household decor and such. I took down so many things to pass on that it was enough to fill another Brocki bag! Now it’s sitting there and I was almost miffed I have to wait until the following week to discard completely as the Brocki is closed over the weekend… And the thing is – bag #18 is filling up fast as well…^^

Guys – I’m definitely hearing that click point Marie Kondo is talking about… But let me tell you how I managed to fill those bags so quickly as I’m sort of mixing techniques here 😉 :

  • I surely opted for the Konmari method most of the time, asking myself whether that item brings me joy or not.
  • I also looked at many items I found and asked myself if I really needed it at the moment or if it was fine to pass it on to make someone else happy. Some of it still sparked joy, but was stored away for so many years that I was ready to let go eventually.
  • I came across a few things twice – sometimes you need an extra push to let something go 😉 . I think I need several pushes to let my things go.
  • Christmas is on the doormat! And with it all the Christmas decorations and knick knacks. As I was using them (up) I also looked over through them and asked myself whether or not I would actually use that for decorating the parcels this year – I know I won’t be decorating and wrapping over 50 presents, so it was time to let many of those things go as well and the sooner the better as people would find it and be able to use it before Christmas too 🙂
  • Every time I visited the attic or cellar to do random stuff, I took the time to look over the things. As mentioned before – sometimes it takes several go’s to be able to discard something. It was the same for me, and I gathered quite a few things on my trips upstairs and downstairs 😉
  • I’m getting sick of my lifestyle accumulating things. I want to get closer to my vision of my lifestyle and home from when I first started working with the Konmari method this late spring.
  • After several months into this topic of discarding things I am much more able to detect what needs to go and what doesn’t.
  • I am going through some massive struggles at the moment in my life and that makes me want to get rid of things, change things, start afresh with things… That helps this process big time 😉

I believe all of these things merging together plus tiny bits I’ve mentioned before here are developing and pointing me into the right direction. I feel like I’m doing massive progress here.I’m also aware that this is all part of a process and that I still have a very long way to go, but I’m positive I’ll be getting there, eventually…



6 thoughts on “How I Managed To Fill Two Bags In A Week And Another In A Day For Goodwill

    1. Yes, I think that’s all about that “magic” she’s talking about – the more you discard, the more you see what actually sparks joy, the more you’re looking to keep only that! Thanks a lot dear, I hope to keep it up 😀

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