Temporarily Giving Up On “Paper” Category (Konmari Method)

After all my struggles trying to finish up with the category “paper” (see these posts here and here, and even a little bit here as well) I had enough of it all! I’m sorry but I have to admit that I had no strength to tackle it all the way the Konmari method suggests. I wasn’t seeing any progress besides all of the rest that’s going on. And I just needed an uplifting experience again…

With the Christmas stuff being out for crafting and wrapping presents my room looks even more untidy now. I had the feeling I was drowning in my own stuff and so I just tackled three of my desk drawers, two of which I couldn’t even close properly anymore because it was way too packed with stuff.

The drawers consisted mostly of paper, too. Not the boring kind of paper, but the interesting, crafty sort of scrapbook paper and letter sets. And some sticker sheets that were too big for my sticker box. And some notebooks. And anything else random I couldn’t find a place for either…

I took all of the contents out and went through each item. And it was quite easy deciding what brought joy to me and what didn’t anymore. I sorted out quite a lot of paper and some other things as you can see on the picture below.

watermarked-tn_discarding things konmari methodI can’t believe how much paper stuff I had!!! And letter sets! I must admit I didn’t get rid of an awful lot of scrapbook paper (I think, none even…^^) but I got rid of lots of notebooks and letter sets. I used to have lots of penfriends back in those days and wrote letters daily, and got letters back on a daily basis also. It was a fantastic time! Thinking back, I feel very sorry I didn’t use some of the beautiful letter sets (I still had some sheets left from when I was a wee teenager!!! How embarrassing!!!). Back then, I was saving up all those letter sets because they brought me joy. I loved having them, looking at them, and very rarely, using some for some very special letters. Most of the time for most of the penfriends I just used plain notepads which I decorated with stickers or drawings or such. What a shame really, it would have brought me so much more joy to write those letters in beautiful sheets… But how was I to know back then? Letter sets are very, very expensive here as well and I only used them for my favourite penfriends. Too bad…

The notebooks will be passed on for donation – a program called “2 x Weihnachten” which I’ve been participating in these past several years. They shall go and make some school children happy 🙂

The other letter sets will be shown to my penpalling friends and given to them if they want them, and everything else will go to the Brocki bag.

What a relief!!! And my drawers look beautiful again and I feel as if it’s a bit easier now to breathe…

watermarked-drawer 4 after KM Now I have two drawers that can close perfectly and give me such a nice feeling whenever I open them and look inside ❤

watermarked-watermarked-desk drawer before after KMBut that wasn’t enough for today! I had this pink plastic box filled with knick knacks and presents I bought for certain people or “ready-to-have-presents” for whenever you’d need something for someone. I was dreading it, it didn’t bring me joy and was standing in the way all the time – now even more since I still have no room for my electric speaker. To clean it up a bit and make more room I decided to go over that plastic box, too. Might as well, right 😉 ?

I sorted out lots of things from in there about two weeks ago and sent out stuff that was “on hold” for quite a while – happy it was finally done and out of my room! (hello, procrastination…). I went over the rest of the pressies today and decided that everything I would keep now just had to fit in this black cardboard box, and whatever didn’t fit had to go.

So I took out many things which I knew I was keeping for certain people and put them aside to make them ready to be forwarded to them. Lots of things went right into the Brocki bag. And other things I decided I’d just be using up myself instead, like beautiful candles (which is quite handy as I’m using many candles now in winter time).

watermarked-tn_using up candles

And I’m happy to announce that all of my presents fit in that little box 🙂 Ok, there are about 3 little boxes that didn’t fit which I’ll keep as wrapping boxes – I’ll find a home for them soon. But I’m so, so happy that everything else is gone!!! I even found a new home for that pink plastic box – a friend of mine was willing to take it for her daughter. I’m sure the daughter will love that box as much as I did as a child (yes, it’s incredible but yes – I’ve had that box since I was a child… it was my toy box…).

watermarked-tn_discarding pink pressie box konmari watermarked-tn_new pressie box after konmari

So yeah, the space in front of the window is more open now, I feel lighter, better, happier and this experience gave me more inspiration and energy to keep going!

Off the Konmari track but hey – still a winner for me here 🙂 !!!

How about you – do you also work with the Konmari method and if so, do you strictly keep her order of tackling things or swap it around every once in a while?



9 thoughts on “Temporarily Giving Up On “Paper” Category (Konmari Method)

  1. Even though you strictly didn’t follow the Konmari method, it seems like you managed to sort out lots of things. Well done! And also, what a wonderful thing to donate your notebooks for school children 🙂

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