Friday Flow #44: Making A Seasonal Pomander

Have you ever done a “Pomander” before?  It is so simple yet so effective in so many ways! It’s a lovely decoration for the winter season, you can get wild with creativity and ideas, and it does spread a lovely smell in the room you’re having it.

watermarked tn_ pomander (4)

And it’s so easy to do, too! All you need basically is an orange or a lemon and some cloves.

watermarked tn_ pomander (2)

You just push the cloves into the fruit and make a pattern or shape, anything you like. (=> type in “Pomander” in a search engine and you’ll get a flood of ideas 🙂 ).

watermarked tn_ pomander (3)

You can then just leave it on a plate and decorate however you like 🙂 You can also tie a ribbon around it and hang it somewhere, or make small pressies for people. It’s so much fun to do with kids as well (at least I loved doing them back then, so… X-D). For them, you could do little holes with a small wooden stick first, that way it’s easier to push the cloves into the fruit.

watermarked tn_ pomander (1)

Have fun decorating, and if you try this – make sure to show me your results 🙂


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