Pimping Up My Brocki Bag To Bring Me Joy

watermarked-tn_bag no. 15
full Brocki bag no. 15 🙂

Last week I finally managed to fill up Brocki bag #15. As it happened before as well, it was a Saturday and I left for the Brocki just a few minutes before they closed, as I’m lucky enough to live close by to it 😉 It was just before the first of Advent, and I knew I needed space in my room for all of the Christmas stuff I was going to bring down to use, craft with and all for this season. So I wanted that bag out before the weekend started.

Bag #16 is filling up faster than ever!!! As I blogged about that famous “click point here before, it seems to work in my favour to fill up that bag and get rid of that as well soon!

The coolest thing about it though is that the bag I had saved to be my next Brocki bag was so beautiful and gorgeous… Indeed, so beautiful and gorgeous that I just put another Brocki bag into that to fill that one instead and for the cute one to work as a “cover bag” for all the upcoming ones from now on.

watermarked-tn_bag no.15 1.0

watermarked-tn_bag no.15 2.0








Cover print on the bag says “Do more of what makes you happy”

Such a simple thing, but that bag now surely brings me lots of joy whenever I see it in my room – much more than just any random bag. Even better – that way it doesn’t even bug me that much if it’s not filling up quick enough as I love the style of it and specially, the print on it!!!


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