My Advent Calendar 2015 :)

A third into the days until Christmas and I finally get to share my Advent Calendar I got this year from a good friend of mine <3. She found this lovely Christmas tree full of little boxes that are filled with tiny cute pressies to brighten up my days until Christmas 🙂

watermarked-owl advent calendar

It was such a surprising beautiful gift I really appreciate and makes me think of her every day. You don’t need much  – simple little things are enough ❤

I sort of made an Advent calendar for myself this year too. It’s not really a calendar it itself but sort of. I started to become very fond of postcards these past few years and ended up collecting many of them. Instead of then just having them in a box or sending them, I thought of displaying them before passing them along this year, or next year.

watermarked-postcard set up

So for every day I pick one of those cute winter- / Christmas postcards and line them up on my paneling next to my bed. Every day, depending on the mood, I get to look at a beautiful new design.

Small. Simple. And brings me so much joy ❤

The funny thing is that as I got that cute owl design Advent calendar from my friend I was preparing one for herself as well 😀 It was hard for me not to giggle and let her know about it since it’s not the first time this has happened…

She ended up becoming fond of cute postcards like me and when we go out shopping together we love looking at cards and buying new ones. So I thought of making her this postcard Advent calendar.

I just bought coloured envelopes and put a postcard in each, accompanied with glitter and a little treat or tea bag. I wrote funny and meaningful quotes on post-its so she could use the postcards for herself to keep or be sent off again if she felt cluttered with them 😉

I then decorated every envelope with all of my Christmas decoration knick knacks I had in my Christmas box and it was so much fun doing so! Some little creativity time for myself ❤

I got her a string with numbers to hang up her calendar in her home ❤ The girlie boot is for the 6th of December, when we celebrate the tradition of St. Nicholas that comes in the evening to fill your boots with treats if you were a good kid 😉 The 24th is a bigger pressie for her.

Well… I must say I got a bit carried away with Advent calendars this year… Iwatermarked-simple brown envelopesn one of my trips to Ireland I once found these neat little envelopes, and I have been having this idea for another friend of mine for a long time by now. So I made him a simple tea calendar with different sorts of tea bags and simple (well, basically no) decoration on the envelopes. I thought it looked kinda neat, and also – it was so easy to do and fill *lol*

I had a good time selecting the tea bags and filling them up.

watermarked-tea advent Calendar

…I nearly don’t dare saying but since the bag of envelopes was a bag of 50, so I still had enough to make another one 😉 Since it was a very last-minute action for another friend who was feeling very down and I felt she’d need some uplifting little thing, I gathered whatever I could find around the house that fit into a tiny envelope and made her a tiny Advent calendar – tiny but from my heart ❤ She was delighted and so utterly happy that it was enough of a reward to see her smile again 🙂

watermarked-additional advent calendar

Not much decoration on these ones either (none again, actually 😉 ), but I chose more colourful numbers for her as she likes cute things 😉

I will definitely be looking out for more of those bags next time I go over to Ireland – they are surely worth it and superduper easy to use ❤

I hope you enjoyed having a little look at the Advent calendars I’m sharing with you ❤

Did you also get or do an Advent calendar this year (or another year?) What does it look like? I’d love to see them all 🙂


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