Friday Flow#43: The Best Advent Movie Ever!

watermarked-tn_advent breakieAs the Advent Season started last Sunday I snuggled myself up on the sofa with a lovely breakie, starting the yearly Advent celebration by lighting the first candle on the Advent wreath and getting into the mood with the best, most lovely, cutest, winterly, christmassy movie ever: Tři oříšky pro Popelku, a wonderful Czech fairy tale from 1973 (literally translated “Three Hazelnuts For Cinderella”, the hazelnuts more likely referring to “wishes” or “gifts”).

As I didn’t grow up in this part of Switzerland, I wasn’t aware that this movie had reached such a cult status over here and that it was a must see movie for every Christmas Season. There are actually calendars being published before the Advent Season, listing every TV channel that will be screening the movie along with the screening schedule. In the German-speaking side of Switzerland and Germany, you can watch the movie at least 30 times in different channels during the holidays (no kidding…!). The movie has enriched my Holiday Season so much in my adult years that I would love to share and pass it along to those who might not know it at all – the English-speaking bloggers out there! Hopefully some day you may have the chance to watch it as well and experience the wonderful soothing happy feeling that it brings across, specially in the winter time.

The trailer above shows a pretty overview of the whole romantic side of the fairy tale – one of the many versions of the Cinderella tale. The thing about this movie though is that it’s not just about romance. The whole movie is packed with gorgeous humour – not the cheesy kind but the real good kind! The script (at least, the one in German is the one I can speak about) is written in a smooth poignant way – just the right amount of words without overdoing it.

Also, this Cinderella here is a very special one. She’s not the helpless little girl who needs to be saved. She sneaks out of the house to do what she loves most – she rides her white horse Nikolaus, shoots better with the cross-bow than any of the other hunters, stands up for the helpless and weak (animals as humans) and surely knows how to climb trees – at this one part of the movie she encounters the prince while she’s up on a really tall tree – he orders her to come down – the script being something like:

“Come down!”

“…you come up!”

“…I tell you to come down!”

“…and I tell you to come up.” 😉

There are so many lovely characters in the movie, weird and funny ones, that add up to the whole story. There are so many times you just have to laugh out loud because of its humour, sweetness, surprises. To top it all with a big fancy sugarcoat – the soundtrack is some of the most beautiful music you could wish for as a soundtrack. It is all you’d want to have in a fairy tale without being too childish – I’ve seen it so many times with so many adults who hadn’t seen it before and they all smiled, laughed, giggled. Most adults in Central Europe can’t think of the Advent Season without it anyhow 🙂 ! And I, who only got to know this movie in my early twenties, haven’t spent an Advent Season without it ever since I first saw it by mere coincidence.

I hope you enjoy this ❤

Have a wonderful Advent Season!


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    1. Yes, it’s really HUGE over here – unbelievable 😀 !!! If you only type “Lalalalala…” somewhere, everyone knows what you’re talking about ;)… Oh – thanks a lot for the link – I’ll hop over right this second *jumphopjump*


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