When Your Lip Balm Is Finally Used Up…

Do you also know that feeling – that utter relief when after what feels like years you finally use up a jar of cosmetics and you can start using a new one that has been sitting there for a while, waiting for its turn? Or when something after many years or months finally breaks or is worn out and you can let it go with no bad conscience?

tn_watermarked-finallyI don’t remember when this little jar of lip balm was given to me. I’d say though it was several years ago. It was very smooth and nice and tasted / smelled of vanilla. I loved it. It was always by my bedside so I could use it before going to bed.

The thing with lip balms is that I don’t use the same one all the time. I have several ready to be used – beside my bed, beside Me Man’s bed, in my working purse, in my training purse, in my go-out-purse, at work… If I only have one I keep forgetting to take it along with he purse I’m currently using, so to avoid such a thing (that has happened to me several times already) I keep a set of everything I need like tissues, lip balm, hand cream and so on in every purse / location.

So of course – I don’t use the same things all the time, which takes them even longer then to finish up. And when I do finally finish up something, I truly feel relieved…

Isn’t it strange though? Why would you feel relieved? Is it just the joy of finally let go of something, or be able to let go of something? Many of those things can’t just be brought to charity due to hygiene reasons, and it feels like such a waste to throw them away when they’re still good and not yet fully used up.

There’s also a sense of “blocking” that comes along when you know you still have one of those, say, lip balms in current use. You know you have a lip balm, so you don’t buy another one. But there’s the “limited edition” of some lovely fragrance. Or a glittery one you spotted somewhere else that would spark joy. But you don’t buy it. Because there’s no need to…

And does that not precisely make you wish you had used up the first lip balm after all?

And then there’s the gifts. You do get lip balms as gifts every once in a while. But they take longer to use than you think! So when I finally used up this lovely angel lip balm, I could finally take out the cute Hello Kitty lip balm that has been sitting in my closet for, I nearly don’t dare saying – about 3 years… It has been a gift from Me Man in an Advent calendar…

And so I hope that no one gives me any more lip balms as presents, as I’m still using up the other ones, and there are a few lovely limited editions waiting in my closet to be used which I, after all, could not resist buying… oh dear…^^

How do you feel about this – do you deal with similar struggles or thoughts? Share them with me ❤


4 thoughts on “When Your Lip Balm Is Finally Used Up…

      1. 😀 meinst du? Ich kenne eben auch genügend Leute die Dinge einfach wegwerfen… Sowas könnte ich nie machen! Oh ja, Gewürze… da kommt mir ein Foto in den Sinn – darüber wollte ich auch noch einen kurzen Blog Post schreiben 😉 Danke für’s Erzählen ❤

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