Friday Flow #38 (2.0): When You Completely Forget About Your Blog…

Life at the moment is very hectic for me. I was yet abroad again over the weekend, when suddenly, on Sunday night, I remembered that I had completely forgotten about last week’s Friday Flow issue… I couldn’t do anything about it anymore anyhow, so I just tried to let it go and not worry about it. And it worked! (Don’t get me wrong – I also felt quite terrible about it and do apologize to the readers wondering about it…!!!)

But why worry about things you can’t change anyhow?

And now I’m trying to prepare tomorrow’s issue – am all over the place with stuff I need to do and getting nowhere at all… Will come home very late tonight… No time whatsoever tomorrow either… And I would just love to let it go, have a break, let it be or completely trash the whole thing^^because you matter cappuccino

I wasn’t prepared for blogging. I just started and went with it. Keeping up a blogging schedule is one of my goals with this Friday Flow issue I started back in spring time. I had no clue people actually wrote ahead and scheduled their posts^^ I had no clue it would have been a good idea to write ahead for quite some time, and then start the weekly feature…

Nevertheless – I shouldn’t worry about it now because I can’t change it anyhow. And I try to find a healthy balance between my needs and my passion for this blog and at the same time be mindful about myself:

Yes, I set myself a goal to try to get this blog working, to try a weekly feature for at least a year, to get this started.

And yes, this is all about fun. Writing makes me happy. Sharing stories makes me happier. There’s no need to stress about – there’s enough stress in this world and all I know is that it won’t make me happy.

So I try to keep my blogging schedule with a healthy piece of nonchalance… After all – I’m living my life and doing this for myself only – so what’s the stress about?

Silent Sunday #1How about you – how do you deal with your blog? What do you do when you barely find time to keep up with the posts? Do you pre-write a lot of the things and schedule them? How do you deal with no time vs. your own ambitions?


A penny for your thoughts... <3

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