Tidy-Up-Challenge Update & Video #4!

I finally got my 4th video together of the Endless-Tidy-Up-Challenge featuring days 147-250 – watch it here below 🙂

You’ll see ups and downs on the challenge… In a way, you might still think there has not been much done ever since, but lots has been done actually, even though you can’t see it! Let me give you a small update on the challenge and the things I’ve done since video #3 came out:

* I KM all of my shoes, bags and books ever since I published the last video – you can’t notice those changes in my room since you can’t see into my closet from the pictures or onto my other bookshelf, but yes – I did them 😀

* I filled seven more Brocki bags and gave the things away to the Brocki (charity shop) – so seven more bags are now gone with things that were in my bedroom before!

* I KM my craft supplies – that’s when you see the room in the most messy stage in the video. Since it was all scattered and hard to grab in a picture I can’t show you the progress there, but I gave lots away and my craft supplies now only need to be sorted better and stored in a more appropriate way – I will be dealing with it later since Marie Kondo suggests to purge first before finding an appropriate way to store.

* I KM all of my medals and trophies and tidied up my top shelf – it looks really nice and neat now – but it’s on the side of the picture so you never get to see the progress there either 😉 It gave me loads of joy though as you can read about it here.

* I finally got rid of my computer tower cluttering my bedroom for nearly a year 😀

* I dealt with lots of paper already, shredded masses of it with my own fingers or put them into the recycling pile. I went through all of my recipes and reduced the collected ones onto one binder, leaving another binder free for storing other paper things I would like to keep separately.

Current status:

* I’m still doing paper, paper, paper… never-ending, dear paper… I managed to deal with all of my bank info and started writing down important information on a separate digital word file to be able to discard most of my credit card balance records – still working on it.

* I have to finish dealing with my health insurance papers – that would be the last thing on the list of official paper category and then I will be done!

* Still trying to work on my desk to get it nice and neat again as I’ve been telling you about it here. Lots of crafts bits I’ve collected are there which I need to put away or craft away to make the space look tidy again, so I’m working on that as well whenever I can. Still need to deal with letters accumulating, haven’t gone through those yet^^

* Looking forward to start KM jewelery or letter sets – both categories need to be done soon due to overflowing storage spaces, and I’m fully motivated and can’t wait to get started with it! It’s a real challenge to try to get done with paper first before going to the next category…

So, as you see, quite some stuff has been done. Have a look at the current video here and share your thoughts with me:

As one fellow blogger I’ve been following now for a while mentioned in a post a while ago when September came: when the months ending by “-ber” start coming, Christmas is just around the corner^^ I thought about it for a while and all of a sudden it was October!!! She’s so right about it!!! I realized I had set my Challenge for a year. But how do I count that year – by counted days or by the end of 2015? As I’m abroad quite a lot of time, counting by the days would give me some more time to accomplish my challenge. But will I eventually manage to get my room tidy and lovely and just the way I visualized it when starting with the Konmari Method? By the end of this year or by the end of the 356 days? Who knows… I just know I’m trying my best to keep up with everything, and that I’m learning loads through her method.

So, come with me and let’s share our journeys and thoughts about the Konmari Method, tidying up and how to keep up with everything 🙂 Don’t forget to fill out my poll about the challenge if you haven’t already 😉


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