Bye Bye Old Computer

watermarked-tn_old computer 2A few weeks back, I finally managed to get rid of my old computer. Believe it or not – it had broken down in fall 2014 I think… I then went on to buy my current one, at the worst possible time as Uncle Murphy usually manages to stop by when work is most stressful 🙂

I installed it and all, and had my old hard drive, monitor and keyboard / mouse sitting there for a while. In fact, no – I brought the monitor back to the store quite soon after buying the new computer, as it wasn’t so heavy for me to carry around and we don’t own a car.

The keyboard went into one of the Brocki bags as it was still in a good shape.

The mouse found a new place at work where it was well appreciated because of its special long tail.

And the tower… well, the tower sat here in my messy room for nearly a year^^. So when a few weeks back we had to deal with something else from the same electronic store I knew takes old electronic devices back and we managed to borrow a car for it, I found myself rushing around to get the tower ready to be taken back for recycling.

The problem was that I wanted to take out the hard disk with my personal information to destroy it otherwise, but I wasn’t able to open the tower. I had done it before with other computers but this one seemed to be extra protected or something^^

Luckily, like many other things, I found a YouTube video tutorial helping me through that process and I was able to get it ready just in time before the car was ready to go to the store. Phew! Who knows when the next possibility was going to stop by?

I was so happy I even managed to try out some pictures with my camera and toyed around with effects. Computers just do look very funky on the inside 😀

watermarked-tn_old computer 3The hard disk? It’s still here in my room. I’ll have to deal with it another time. But at least I got rid of the tower 😀

Why did it sit in my room for so long? I guess it might be the same answer as why the vacuum cleaner always stays down on the ground and therefore in my room – because I’m

* not the strongest person to be carrying heavy things around or even lifting them

* lazy as hell when it comes to lifting or moving heavy stuff around

* I always hope it can be dealt with soon or I will be using it again soon anyhow, so there would be no point in removing the thing or putting it away

I might still need to learn a lesson or two about that 😉 … but let me tell you one thing:

Boy it’s a good feeling when something finally gets done!


watermarked-tn_old computer 1


5 thoughts on “Bye Bye Old Computer

  1. As I started reading your post I thought ‘Should I mention destroying the hard drive to her?’ and then told myself that you’ll think I’m paranoid… You can imagine how pleased I was to read further on that you went to some efforts to extract the hard drive! Now for a method of destruction. I’ve heard that very strong magnets corrupt the drive and make the information irretrievable. However, my personla favourite method is a large lump hammer and brute force!!

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    1. Thanks so much – you’re so kind!!! I would have definitely appreciated you mentioning it had I not known – better to point it out than to leave it unsaid, right? Where do you discard the damaged hard drives afterwards, also the electronic store? I did the hammer thing to my last one but it went onto a big container of trash anyhow so it didn’t matter if it wasn’t done well enough. Not sure if I’ll manage now with my tiny house hammer 😀 I’ll look into it though – thank you so much for sharing!!! ❤


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