Friday Flow #37: No, My Life Is Not As Amazing As You Think It Is

walking together

The other day while browsing through the internet I noticed that I was feeling down after a while. After thinking, I then realized it was because of some posts I was reading from other people in social media. I took a step back and browsed through it some more, and started wondering how much of what was written there was true. How much of it was just the way it was stated, and not exaggerated by the tiniest bit…

I joined Facebook a few years ago after vehemently denying to join it and rejecting all of the invites from my friends abroad. After successfully doing so for about three years, I reluctantly gave in and joined – it seemed to be like the easiest possibility to keep in touch with friends spread all over the places and share pictures and see how they were doing. Back then, to be honest, it really was like that. You shared important things of your life with each other and that was it.

After a while things started to change. Those quotes started to come up. Foodporn pictures were uploaded. Unimportant info was shared. Statements about anything and nothing.

And then, it changed again. Everyone now seems to have the best friends ever, the most loving husband, the cutest children and pets, the most amazing home and the greatest holidays ever. Everything is boosted to the top, more so, over the top it seems.

I felt startled – at some point after reading about everyone’s amazing lives (or organized homes here on WordPress!!!) you start feeling bad. You start thinking that your life is not as amazing as these persons lives. And this is where you need to stop if this has happened to you as well!

The grass always seems to be greener on the other side of the fence. But everyone has their own little burdens to carry around. Everyone struggles in one way or another with anything. And not everyone is sharing that – and that’s what I needed to remind myself of.

Maybe someone might get the feeling that my life is also the most amazing thing ever (although, I don’t think that by looking through my pictures of the Endless-Tidy-Up-Challenge will give anyone such a feeling *lol*). The thing is that you can edit pictures and make them prettier than they actually are. By the way you describe yourself and your life, you can pimp it up by leaving out your struggles and only describing the good things that happen to you. But let me tell you one thing right now:

No, my life is not as amazing as you think it is!!!

I also struggle with things. I also have quite some burden to carry around. I’m also just a regular person on this planet, nothing special. But the secret is: accept yourself the way you are and love yourself because you ought to be the most special person to yourself! And that way, you can take a step back and have a different view on things, and social media won’t get you down anymore.

Last week I went for a walk – the day was gorgeous and there were no clouds in the red autumn leaves blue skysky. I stood there looking at some fire red leaves against the blue sky – and felt so utterly happy and grateful. I thought that I was a lucky enough person to be able to see this and experience that beautiful view, and asked myself why I deserved it and not others. But it’s just the way it is – so I accepted it and just felt really, really grateful. And I told myself that my life is good just the way it is. Keeping that thought strong within myself helps not comparing my life to everyone else’s apparently amazing ones all over the internet, newspapers, TV and stories. In the end – our lives are all amazing in their own ways ❤

Do you sometimes tend to see greener grass all over the place?


9 thoughts on “Friday Flow #37: No, My Life Is Not As Amazing As You Think It Is

  1. I certainly feel the guilt that I’m doing it wrong somehow, compared to others. And it’s hard not to look at other people’s shiny, immaculate, sprawling kitchens and not feel the tiniest jolt of envy that mine is so much smaller and scruffier. But hey, it works for me.

    I’m always aware of keeping stuff back that I don’t feel is relevant to my blog, so I strongly suspect other people do too. And I appreciate honesty as well, those blogs where the author is honest about their flaws or the difficulties that they choose to share. It makes them much more relatable and more like a real person, which I think is enormously important in the blogging world.

    As for the grass being greener, I’m happy being me.

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    1. Thanks a lot for sharing your opinion, I really appreciate it ❤ You're right – a right amount of honesty is very important in the blogging world, without revealing too much about your personal life. It truly makes the blogger appear like a real person.
      I'm glad you're happy being yourself, that's very important 🙂


  2. I can totally relate to this in two ways… the first is that I too read blogs and social media posts and wonder, how do these people have such awesome lives and do such amazing things? I get a little envious sometimes… but then I remember that I am very privileged and am grateful for all the awesomeness that is in my life. I am totally happy where I am!

    The other part of this that is relatable is how I probably come across on my blog. I definitely don’t always share all my struggles or my difficulties, but I don’t want to share everything on my blog, and I also don’t always think that they will be interesting enough to share with readers… I will try to be mindful in my blog posts in the future to make sure that I am not exaggerating or being dishonest in order to make my own life look better or prettier.

    Thanks for providing me with some interesting things to ponder…

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    1. It’s interesting to think about this, isn’t it? In another way I was thinking – if you’re really passionate about something you write it that way, so it’s still honest. But does it come across exaggeratedly? I guess there are two sides on this coin. The important thing is, like you mentioned, to be grateful for what YOU have achieved and done. I guess that really helps reading posts with more distance and just enjoying them 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, I really appreciate it ❤

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  3. Great post. I love your thoughts on things and the honesty with which you tackle certain topics 🙂

    You are right, our lives are all amazing. And to me, social media is just marketing – hype up the good points and hide or gloss over the bad ones. In a way, this can be a good thing because for example, if I have to share something personal & negative on my bog I am forced (because I don’t want to just rant on my blog!) to put it in a positive perspective (which helps me personally).

    But Facebook is a different thing. I deleted my Facebook account a long time ago because it was just “noise” I didn’t need in my life. I prefer blogging because you can find like-minded people (and like-minded people to find you) who won’t pressure you into ‘putting on a show’, which is how Facebook made me feel.

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    1. …that’s a very interesting and true perspective you’re describing here – “noise” – very good…! Good for you for deleting your account! I was short before doing so the other day as well! I’d have to plan it though because with some friends it’s the only way I have contact with since they live so far away. Thank you very much for sharing your point of view! ❤

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