Friday Flow #36: Ever Tried Surfing A Couch?

Did you ever try to surf a couch? No, I don’t mean literally 😉 But there is indeed a movement called “Couchsurfing”. Let me explain to you how it works:

Random people all over the world offer to host travellers from all over the world. They offer their spare room which is always empty, or their own bedroom when they’re out of town, or a couch, or a spot on the floor… It all just depends 😀 The idea is to meet random people from everywhere and share experiences together. It is all based on trust and there is no fee involved for the activities. You can also just meet up with people in your home town and show them around, or grab a coffee together. It’s really all just up to you.

I first heard about it 10 years ago when I flew over to Liverpool together with a friend. Next to us sat a young lad, I think he was French. He was a student and couldn’t afford much travelling, but seemed to be doing loads of it. He explained to us that he’d go for the cheap airlines and book well in advance – so he’d get flight tickets for 5 bucks (I don’t know if that’s still possible, but back then it was!). And he would stay with locals through couchsurfing, meet them and they’d show him around. He’d made lots of friends all over Europe like that, and visited many cities. That got me interested and I went on to have a look at the webpage:

I was very intrigued by the idea and kept going back to the site. It took me several years to finally sign up, and some more years to have my first couchsurfing experience. So far – I’ve only had good experiences! I’ve met lovely people in different countries and with some a friendship developed. Some I’ve seen / visited several times already, others I plan to visit. But it has truly enriched my life ever since!

There was a lovely article about it on BUZZFEED the other day which I recommend you to read – there are some great examples on there as to what Couchsurfing can all be about, and it’s just so interesting:

“10 couchsurfing experiences money can’t buy”

Recently, I’ve also managed to get hold of this book by Christine Neder called “90 Tage, 90 Betten” which means “90 days, 90 beds”. Christine has coucwatermarked-tn_couchsurfing buchhsurfed in Berlin for 90 days, spending every night with another couchsurfer. The project definitely sounds interesting and I can’t wait to start reading the book 🙂

How about you – have you ever surfed a couch somewhere on this planet? What were your experiences with it?


5 thoughts on “Friday Flow #36: Ever Tried Surfing A Couch?

  1. This is a brilliant idea, and I loved it from start I heard about it some years ago. I’d love to use it myself – and offer a bed here as well – but – our life is rather messy with dog, work, travel and our grown-up children temporarily living here now and then. And my husband is not into it…Well – maybe some day…

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    1. I’m also not as active as I’d like to be, but I keep trying and if something gets set up then I’m very happy 🙂 You know you can also just meet up with people for a coffee or so, that would maybe give you a little taste of it all and maybe one day you could bring your husband along and he might get into it 😉 Good luck!


    1. Really? That is so nice! I bet you’ve managed to meet some very lovely people and learned a lot of things you would not find in any guide book! I also met people for coffee and it was so much fun to do things together! Learning by interacting with different cultures can be so interesting and rewarding… Thanks for sharing your experiences here!!! ❤

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