Desperately Trying To Get Out Of The Mess…

Even though I’m giving so many things away, putting them into Brocki bags and passing things on to friends and all, my room seems to be filling up with clutter. As I am looking through my photographs of my messy room for my next video, it just seems like it’s not getting any better. I really do hope that it’s just the calm before the storm – in a flipped meaning that after it all being worse and worse the decluttering storm will eventually come in and free me of all those things lying around in the room…

I have to say though that the one bit of the room that looks nice and decluttered is in the hidden corner of the picture, to the right. That’s where all the paper stuff was and has been going away, bit by bit. That’s the corner where I keep many things I’m slowly passing along to people. And the closet is the one big thing I can be proud of after my big closet purge, but you never see it on the day-to-day pictures for the videos either…

Brocki bag #14 was nearly full in my room, waiting to be taken away. I was going to visit the Brocki with my mum to show her around since she’s never been there (she also loves browsing through old things), but eventually we didn’t go. After that I was yet again consumed by work and more work, and then, as usual, I fell sick again, so that it sat here for another few weeks.

Today Me Man had mentioned it to me again and even offered to bring it over there himself. Which made me go through my things and fill bag #14 to the brim to make it worth it (I could not bring a half-full bag over… what a waste! *lol*) and tn_watermarked-bag no. 14I set it out ready to be taken away together with the last bag of his clothes which I had combined out of his two bags that were left – everything fit perfectly squeezed into one bag, after I took out two boyfriend shirts for myself to keep 😉

The day went on and I was tackling my clothes that had to be put back into the closet (it is so hard to keep up with it but I really want to try to keep the closet nice and tidy after all this time, and so far I’ve managed really well 🙂 ) and some other things, and Me Man was busy grocery shopping in different stores for a dinner he’s planning next Monday. He was still busy grocery shopping that when I looked at the clock I realized there would be no time for him to still bring the bags over. Seven minutes before the Brocki was due to close I quickly grabbed the bags and brought them over – after all, I now knew that it was less than 300 steps until I got there. The living room is now clutter free again and looking nice, ready to receive some guests next Monday – the bags are gone and won’t have to be hidden in my room since the Brocki is closed on Monday. And you know what? I feel relieved, and happy…!!!

I’ll be tacking some more stuff that needs to be done around my room and already have a few things to go into the new Brocki bag #15.

I’m still really trying hard to get my desk done nicely the way it used to be before, but I realized how much I’ve been procrastinating… So many notes and letters that need to be dealt with, so many official things that need to be done (I’ll tackle the last of it on Monday since the offices are closed on weekends of course)… so far – all day long I’ve been dealing with papers, filing away things, trashing others and keeping some more to be used for projects.

Step by step, I’m getting there… but it takes so much time and effort!!! 😦

So be kind to me when you’ll see the new set of pictures of my Tidy-Up-My-Bedroom-Challenge Video #4, which is about to be ready to put online 😉 !

Remember there’s a poll about the challenge – go have a look and be part of it as well 🙂


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