Friday Flow #35: Inspirational Photography

Don’t you know that – sometimes, a photograph gets you hooked onto it and you can’t really describe why? It touches you deep within your heart and simply inspires you?

tn_watermarked-camera 2

I love going to photo exhibitions. Whenever I get the chance to, I try to visit them here in Zürich or when traveling abroad. I often thought of writing descriptions down of the most touching or inspiring photographs I’ve seen on each exhibition, but I haven’t come round to start doing so.

Today, by mere coincidence, I came across this one photographer called Diego Goldberg. Maybe he’s already super well known amongst photographers, I don’t know – but what I know is that his website and the photographs I’ve seen there inspired and touched me in many different ways. I took my time looking through each project and truly enjoyed the time doing so.

I love the way he seems to capture just the precise exact perfect moment in some photographs. Documentational photography has always interested me as well, and I feel like the pictures he gathers give a very good overall view of what he’s documenting. Maybe it fascinates me even more because often I don’t dare asking strangers if I might take their photographs, it feels like I’d be intruding into their lives. I tend to be more of a silent background photographer.

I figured since there are quite some photographers or photo lovers following this blog, some of them might not know Diego yet and might enjoy visiting his website as well. It is surely worth a visit even if you’re not a fanatic photographer yourself 😉 So here it is – have fun browsing through the photos 🙂 !

Diego Goldberg Photography

What photographers do inspire you as well? Did you maybe also come across a photographer’s web page worth sharing? Please feel free to share your thoughts and links here below – let’s inspire each other with great photography 🙂


2 thoughts on “Friday Flow #35: Inspirational Photography

  1. I was introduced to Vivian Myer recently and I was hooked even though her work was heavily criticized by some. I have to get ready for work now but will definitely check out the photographer you mention in my lunch hour.

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