SL – Week #13: Ecology

As very well stated on the SL-Week #13: Ecology Intro page:

The man is the worst enemy of man.

Very often, mankind does something meaning well – not realizing what big impact it does have on our ecology. Even worse – they don’t think about the impact. Usually the consequences are seen many years after.

Here is an example of a big change in the environment, made by mankind: the building of a dam at the lake of Reschen in the south of Tirol.

watermarked-SL Week - ecology1watermarked-SL Week - ecology2

With times changing drastically in the 20th century, the people surely somewhat meant well by wanting to build a dam in order to get more electricity.

The sad consequences about this is that the former village of Graun and most of the village of Reschen were flooded in order to build the dam. A total of 163 houses and 523 hectar of good fertile soil were gone, the houses being blown up. Families were forced to leave their homes, a total of 70% of the villagers left. Afterwards, there were 70% less livestock.

It happens so many times that mankind intends to change the environment and ecology of an area and changes the life of so many families and (wild) animals. Is this always a change for the better, I keep wondering? Wouldn’t it be possible to do it differently, without affecting so many lives?

The pictures show the last reminder that is left which tells the story of the final flooding in 1950. The rest of the church was blown up and put away. Only the church tower dating from 1357 was left for monument conservation.

The sight of the lone church tower coming out of that lake seems creepy at some times. Beautiful at others. Or was it left as a silent warning?


4 thoughts on “SL – Week #13: Ecology

    1. It looks totally surreal! I first saw it in a movie and thought it was fake. I then researched about it and found out it was real so I went to have a look at it. In the sunshine it looked kind of beautiful, but I bet now in autumn, if there’s mist and all, the shots would be better and totally underline the warning…

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