Sorting Paper (Konmari Method)

As I had told you a few posts ago, I’m still trying to get past the category “paper“. Here’s my favourite picture about it again for you:

konmari game of thronesI keep thinking of this funny picture every time I try to tackle paper… From old notes I realized I have started with this category around three months ago^^. Alas, time management, work, procrastination and laziness crossed my path and I’m still kinda on the go.

Here’s what I managed to do so far:

  • Gather all my paper stuff in one place
  • Sort through and store away personal postcards and letters for later
  • Go through loads of paperwork, notes and scribbles, and either trashed, looked up on the computer and then trashed, or filed away to keep
  • Sorted out all my loose craft ideas, recipes, certifications, important receipts, medical bills, apartment paperwork, work stuff and bank infos into different piles to file away to proper space
  • Cleared out a lot of paperwork that just had to be dealt with per phone, e-mail, letter, to finally throw away

So all in all I’m not that bad I’d say… OK, yes, for the time period passing so far it is a wee bit bad… but hey, I’m getting there 🙂

Just the other day I had this amazing boost: I got home from work, relaxed for a while on the sofa with a coffee, and after that I felt very energized and ready to tackle paper for the second big time which made me get loads of stuff done. It felt so good to make that progress, to trash so many unneeded things and just get stuff done that had to be dealt with for a long time. This was a very important step and I’d say I’d need one more big go to maybe be able to finish all the filing away. Then I can deal with storage systems or move on with the next category which I think should be jewelery (I had accidentally left it out during “clothes” and didn’t realize it until much later! So time to tackle that…). Although the category “writing pads, note pads and letter sets” would also be a nice one to tackle and might come next instead. I’ll see what I feel like dealing with after paper.

tn_watermarked-trashed paper
The second plastic bag of shredded paper only just started to fill up

While sorting out paper and trashing most of it, I secretly wished I had a professional shredder in my room to use ;-)… Whatever had no personal information could go to the recycling pile of paper (actually, two immense piles were just discarded today – of course, along newspapers and such, but lots of my trashed paperstuff was in there as well – it feels good ! ), but everything else had to be shredded with my own fingers… To the extent that I had small blisters from shredding… I kept shredding and filling little plastic bags with it which there went into the trash. All in all so far, I think I have filled 3 plastic bags in the first go and 2 in this recent go.

Yes, a shredder would be handy… but would clutter up more space 😉 And that also might teach me not to let the clutter take over in the first place but to constantly be dealing with paper, and shredding little by little won’t give me those blisters.

Dealing with paper also made me think of the credit card bills I have. I somehow can’t really let go of them because it has happened a few times already that I wanted to compare prices on certain things I had bought back in time, or people owed me money for something I could then check, and so on. I will look into the possibility of getting that information in a digital way but I’m not sure that’s possible. Scanning and storing away might be the other option, let’s see what I’ll come up with regarding this.

I am now one step further down my decluttering mission. I can’t wait for the moment when I’ll finally be all done with paper!!! The unsentimental one, that is.

How do you deal with decluttering paperwork? What is your way of getting rid or filing paper things? Feel free to share it here with me ❤


10 thoughts on “Sorting Paper (Konmari Method)

  1. When I did my paper declutter back in January, I was very happy for my shredder. I ended up with loads of shredded paper. I find it really handy now, as I try to maintain my decluttered paper, if there is something that I want to recycle, but think it should be shredded, I take it straight there and shred it. I keep some paper bags near the shredder so when it fills up, I empty it in to the paper bag and dump it in my recycle bin.

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    1. I like that! Discarding the shredded paper in the recycling area… Very good! We can’t really do that here – here, we have to tie the paperstacks together very neatly… everything else will not be taken care of when the paper-people come *ggg* 🙂


      1. Yeah, we are lucky that we can put them in the recycling, provided they are contained within a paper bag or cereal box or something. Each house in our neighbourhood has a big blue bin for their paper recycling. It’s great!

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      2. Really sounds fantastic!!! We can’t use the paperbags for those as ours contain pieces of cardboard and we split cardboard and paper, so it’s a bit more tricky. Love the way your country is handling it 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I am still stuck in the middle of the paper phase. I have a bag full of paper that should be shredded but no shredder. My plan is to take it to the big garbage dumpster fill it full of water so all the paper sticks together and toss it away with the regular trash. Too lazy to hand shred. 🙂 Though since I haven’t been working on the decluttering much the last couple of weeks, who knows when I will get around to it. I keep finding books and clothes in strange corners that I am trying to deal with.

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    1. Never thought of the water possibility. I guess it would be just way too heavy for me 😉 In this big city, I’m not too scared of people rumaging around my trash really – that’s why hand-shredding and dumping it in the bin on the pick up day seems to be enough for me. Not too much to hide anyhow, so 😉 Would you maybe have a chimney or an outdoor fireplace? I once gave a big stash to my brother to lit up the chimney with on cold days. Why not? It saves you money for wood. At least a bit.
      What do you do when you find the books and clothes after you actually passed the category – do you discard them as well just as MK suggests or do you go over the things again?


      1. Hi. Don’t know if the water will work but it is in the back of my mind. I should probably just give in and buy a shredded. When I find more stuff, I stock pile it and then take a run to the Salvation Army or Goodwill. I have a couple of bags ready to go. 🙂


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