When The Little People Turn Out To Be Clutterers…

Do you know those fairy tale stories of The Little People wandering around your house and cleaning and doing stuff while you’re fast asleep? Well, maybe the Irish Little People are like that – over here, these Little People turn out to be clutterers… Otherwise:

How did THIS ever turned out to

nice and tidy :)


watermarked-tn_desk 2 mess (2)

Ok – stories aside – you got me… I can’t push the fault around – yes, it is my fault only – mea maxima culpa…! Marie Kondo would have an easy way of naming it:

I don’t bring things home.

In her book “The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up” she explains how every item we own should have a “home”. In order to keep your home tidy, you have to bring those items back “home”.

This is fairly easy to understand and something I’ve learnt since I was a child: the Lego’s go into the Lego-container. The Barbie-dolls on top of the Barbie-bed. The stuffed animals on top of my bed. And so on.

The problem is evolving now when you have too many things – you miss out on assigning a home to them. And if they don’t have a home, they clutter your place. Right?

My problem is a mix of both issues: I have too many things (that have no home yet) and I don’t regularly bring things home. Which leads to a total mess…

Marie Kondo makes it sound so easy: tidying up your home in less than 5 minutes and all… Most of the evenings after long days of work I can’t be bothered by bringing everything home though, I must admit… I tend to be lazy. I tend to leave it outside because I want to re-use it again the day after. I really intend doing so! Although most of the times I don’t and then it just clutters the space…

Hand-in-hand this issue pairs up very well with procrastination. There’s a letter I’d like to respond to – leave it out! It will remind you to respond to it. I’ll do it, yeah, later… The magazine that had this interesting article in? Leave it right there – I’ll read it. Later. That clipping with this interesting book review I wanted to check online again – leave it there on the desk, I’ll look it up, right after dinner…

Fact is: most of those “laters” never happen… I have to stop kidding myself and either do it soon, right now, or just leave it and discard it.

So in a way the Konmari Method totally makes sense:

  • you need to reduce your things to the amount you can deal with and you only keep what brings joy into your life.
  • then you can buy containers and check how you’d like to organize and store your belongings.
  • and then it’s easy to bring everything home every day.

I understand now why she insists on following her order. I caught myself so many times wanting to run out to a store and buy containers for the newly sorted things, but I’m not there yet. I need to finish sorting and discarding before being able to do so, or the containers will clutter the space along the clutter I want to keep. It has happened many times to me already…

Although I must say I couldn’t resist buying a small container for my travel-sized-toiletries because they just cluttered and mixed around with everything else in the bathroom – so now they’ve got a home and I can easily find them each time when I pack for a trip 😉

It’s just about finding out what works best for you and what doesn’t. The book really really does help me – and I really really try to follow it adequately, but sometimes it is a bit hard for me and I try to adapt it to my situation. Which sometimes works out fine, like when I skipped “paper” and went on to “medals” or the example stated above with the toiletries. But all in all I try to follow her way because I trust her as a person that has been trying to keep organized and has a lot of experience with it.

So at the moment I’m trying to re-organize my desk and get it back into a state similar as in the first picture above. (do you see me skipping categories again?! 😉 ) Wish me luck… 😉

Share your thoughts here with me: how do you keep your place organized and tidy? What are the flaws that make it harder for you, and what helps you make the process easier?


6 thoughts on “When The Little People Turn Out To Be Clutterers…

  1. I keep my space organized by tidying up every day. It’s my way of not letting clutter build up in the 1st place. But I can do this now because I don’t work anymore. I remember when I used to work, I could only tidy in one huge go and it had to be scheduled because, let’s face it, tidying is not something you look forward to doing on a weekend! 🙂 I just did what I could then but clutter kept accumulating so I had to have those “major cleaning” events to keep things in check.

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    1. Ah, I know what you mean… I used to work 100% whilst going after several very time consuming hobbies… I had time for nothing! I dropped back to 80% so at least I’d get time to cook and wash once a week…! But you have the right mindset – one should not even let the place get cluttered… I’m not there yet but so yearn to!

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  2. I know what you mean about not wanting to put things away because you might need it later or you’re just too tired. I’m staring at my armchair that’s piled with clean clothes to be put away. Later, of course 😉

    But I see the idea behind Marie Kondo’s method. De-clutter things you don’t need or things that don’t bring you joy, and then find a happy home for the things you love. I might need to do another round of cleaning up.

    Good luck with organising your desk! Can’t wait to see the results 🙂

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    1. Thank you dear Sandy! It looks much better than the second picture now but not as good as the first picture 😉 Yes, her theory is actually quite simple, just as you write it down… I guess it’s an ongoing process until you actually manage to finish it – then I hope that keeping the place tidy will really be easier than it is now just at this moment!


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