If Marie Kondo ever knew…

…she’d not be very happy with me I think. Not. At. All.

I keep procrastinating and pushing away papers and doing other things instead. It looks a bit like: OK, today I’ll finally finish paper… Oh look, I could sort out XY over there!  => rushes over to do something else…^^

Yesterday was another one of those days… There were some medals and trophies from some sports events laying on the floor next to paper that I ended up taking all medals and trophies down my top shelf, dusting and cleaning and re-organizing them all… But the thing is: that top shelf now looks gorgeous and it sparks so much more joy than before 😀 So, I guess this can count as KM as well, even though I’m not following the “correct order” 😉 ? (Anyone else processing like I am…?!)

Let me share some of the process with you: I used to keep my tn_watermarked-medal potmedals in this pot with the ribbons hanging off it. It looked nice but it was quite full by now, and then it just somehow did not feel right. I thought of different ways of storing them, up until giving them away for other events to re-use. Many of them, as hard as it seems, don’t mean much to me, because they marked some disappointment during my sports process. Lots of trying, lots lots lots of trying, and not always successful (…do you hear Little Miss Eager here again?!).

I then asked some of my sports fellows online what they thought of it and how they did display their medals and all, and then I got a hint with storing them in a box. I looked around the room and thought of what box would fit and found the perfect one: a while back I had decorated this wooden cigar box and still didn’t quite know what to do with it. I had two of them but I hadn’t decided what to put inside both of them yet. One of it would now be a perfect size for my medals, and the KM clue is: it is even practical, since I can also store a trophy on top and it’s therefore more handy than the pot 😀

tn_watermarked-medals tn_watermarked-medals 2

While cleaning and dusting and reorganizing the medals and trophies I realized I had come a long way and realized how much work and effort I put on training for the events. Compared to others it’s not much, but to me it still meant something, after all, and funny enough – the medals stored in the beautiful box now all sparked joy again.

Maybe in a later process I will have to sort them out again and try to KM them. But for now, the top shelf truly sparks joy and looks very nice, and keeps reminding me to work hard and cherish what I’ve achieved so far.

And today, I’m going to go finish paper… yet once more… 😉


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