Friday Flow #31: Stop Trying To Be Perfect!

It will lead you to nowhere. Trust me… Because fact is: Nobody is perfect. And no one’s name is nobody, for your information.watermarked-silent buddha

A few minutes ago I sat comfortably on my sofa, sneezing my way through the evening, drinking hot herbal tea, feeling very bad and flipping through an art book. It felt good to be able to rest, finally, after this hard week of work. It felt bad knowing about everything I had to cancel in order to be able to rest now. The trainings and meet ups with friends I had to cancel, because I was just too sick to deal with it. Only room for work, as I can’t miss there. And then, it dawned on me: it’s Friday…!!! And I hadn’t written a post for today… Asia and Australia are on to Saturday already, I might get lucky with American readers, but still – I forgot my personal deadline… And hated it…!

Let me tell you how I got there in the first place:

The title of this post was supposed to be the one for last week. I was overworked, utterly tired, it was Thursday late at night and I hadn’t packed my suitcase yet. The following day I was supposed to be flying off abroad for yet another wedding. And nothing was ready…

Weeks back, in early August, I was hit by the idea to write a report comparing the Amsterdam Gay Pride with the Street Parade in Zürich – that would be something worth sharing! Days and weeks passed by and then I realized I had to write it before the Parade basically, because it was a current event. Ideally it should have been posted a week earlier, so as not to be too close to the event itself. But somewhat, I was caught up with work. Didn’t make it, and was sitting there in front of the decision of what to do on that Thursday evening. Like I said, the title of this post should have been the one of last week, and I would have written something about how nobody is perfect and therefore I couldn’t write the post on time. But Little Miss Eager had other plans for me – I thought it was just a missed opportunity to let this post go, or even worse, delay it for another year. No way Jose!, Little Miss Eager said, and on I was writing until the early hours of the morning.

The thing is: it took me much longer to write than I thought. I wanted it to be nice (no, not perfect 😉 But nice! ). Maybe deep inside myself I knew how long it would take me so I kept procrastinating. I managed (it was not perfect – the images of the Street Parade were missing, and still are!!!), but I managed.

Utter lack of sleep made the journey uncomfortable. Me Man had been sick with a flu which I suspect paid me a visit as well in the end. The hotel had a horrible mattress that would shake me awake every time Me Man stirred his little finger on the other side of the bed, so not much sleep there either. A beautiful wedding out under the sky was amazing – but during the night (and it started in the late evening…) just way too cold for me with Southamerican blood. I froze for most of the night. Put all of that together, plus some bug I caught from the foreign food – and you had me sick in the hotel room paying constant visits to the bathroom…^^

OK, I must say that half the company was sick in some way or another, so maybe we all infected each other 😉 Fact is – coming home didn’t make it easier – it was cold, freezing, and lots lots lots of work was waiting for me. One unlucky evening I had missed my connection home and waited in the cold for around 40min. Which, of course, made it all worse. There was no way I could skip work that week, fever was only on when I was back home (so I had no excuse), and even though I cancelled everything I had on besides work and only slept and rested besides work, I’m still not better.

It all comes back until a few minutes ago, I sat comfortably on my sofa, sneezing my way through the evening, drinking hot herbal tea, feeling very bad and flipping through an art book – well, you know the story… 😉

So yeah, maybe I would have been better off writing this post last week, rewarding myself with a bit more sleep. Maybe, just maybe, it wouldn’t have been so bad then.

I have to learn to shush off Little Miss Eager. It never leads to good stuff. Well, nearly never. It’s not healthy, and it doesn’t always make you happier. A wee bit of eagerness is good, of course – always! But not to a big extend.

Think about it for a while… Do you tend to overwork yourself often? To you tend to work loads just to try to make something perfect? How does it make you feel, usually?

I can only tell you from experience (not only from this one), that it doesn’t take you anywhere.

Life is too short to worry about perfectionism…

So – rather get out there and do something nice, and enjoy the weekend!!! And to make a point of my post here – I’d rather go back sitting comfortably in my couch flipping through my art book, that’s why I’m going to treat you with old pictures already used in older posts and not try to make new ones now 😉 Bear in mind that I haven’t read through my post again just to make yet another point – you can therefore keep all grammatical mistakes and everything else that is badly written 😉

Hello couch, hello herbal tea… hello book – the joy!!! ❤

because you matter cappuccino


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