A Bit More Freedom In Less Than 300 Footsteps…

declutter bag konmari method bag no. 13 tn_watermarkedI can gain a bit more freedom in less than 300 footsteps I found out. I counted. Bag No. 13 was sitting in my room staring at me, nagging at me, making me feel heavy. Due to my work schedule my visits to the Brocki have to be scheduled as well. The bag was full. Ready to go. And I figured – if I don’t bring it out NOW it will sit there yet for another week…


I’d squeeze the visit to the Brocki in between other things, I’ll manage. Me Man had decluttered (not Konmaried, he insisted) his closet the other day as well. He took section by section out and played runway and tossed out whatever

  • he didn’t wear anymore
  • didn’t suit him anymore

I guess all the other things automatically bring him joy (gee, I start to think too much in a Konmari way^^). He then gave me a tour of his closet – my oh my…!!! I couldn’t stop looking at his closet – it was sooooooooooo nice to look into those perfectly organized sections – it was pure joy! I absolutely admired it and Me Man turned into Me Hero Of The Day 😀 It inspired me to keep going, not to give up on my decluttering mission (although my closet is already done – I’m still trying to tackle the rest of “papers”… I will – right after I finished this post… I promise!!!). And I also admired the fact that he could get by with a closet about half the size of mine… Aaaah, the lucky man!!!

He ended up filling 4 bags with things. And I did something prohibited here – I rummaged through the first two bags… I squeezed the clothes together so I’d get a nice and full bag to accompany my Brocki bag #13 as, after all, I do have two hands and it would be a shame to only use one 😉 I found some stuff I could maybe use for work and left the other two bags for me to look into them later again – I told him I wanted a boyfriend shirt 😉 Since I don’t have one yet I feel I’m allowed to rummage through the bags and choose one for myself 😉 So they’re in the living room, waiting for me, waiting to accompany my bag #14 which is filling up in my bedroom. Next visit to the Brocki will come soon I hope!

And now I’ll go tackle papers… the sun just came out – that’s a good sign, this is gonna be good 😀


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