Friday Flow #29: Writing A Letter To Yourself

tn_watermarked-letter 1 Now here’s a weirdish thought for you: did you ever write a real paper letter to yourself? I did! And I just received it back today 🙂 !!! Let me explain how this all happened:

A few months back I attended a very interesting workshop. At one stage of the workshop, we were told to write a letter to ourselves. Anything we’d like. And I hated the idea…!

I sat there in front of that white piece of paper and had no clue of what I should do with it. I had some thoughts and brushed them away again. It just didn’t seem right. A letter, yes, anytime! But to myself? Why would I write to myself? I’d remember everything I’d write anyhow!

I then thought of just drawing something to myself instead to fill the time. Everyone else in the course seemed to be writing ferociously while I was slowly chewing around the end of my pen. How embarrassing!

And then it somehow just kicked off. I started wishing myself things for the future and then I could barely stop! I wrote a million things down and while everyone else already finished, I was still trying to squeeze in more things into my letter and ended up  being the last one to seal and hand it in. Who would have thought so?

The teacher at the workshop told us that we will be getting our letter some time in the future, but she wouldn’t tell when. I kept the letter in the back of my head, hoping to receive it in a few years maybe or so – what an exciting thought!!!

And then today it was in the mail! I immediately recognized my handwriting on the address field. What, she already sent it? – I thought and was a bit disappointed. But really thinking about it – even though I thought I’d remember everything I’d written in that letter, I had no clue what was on that sheet of paper anymore, and this lays back 3,5 months only…

tn_watermarked-letter 2I opened it and was actually quite moved by the words. A few things I was writing about happened or I’m on those paths, trying to reaching my goals, my dreams. Being more the person I’m longing to be. It felt good. It was motivating to read those things, and I feel like putting the letter somewhere where I can reach it easily and read it every once and again, or even feel like giving it to someone to send it to me again in another long while 😀 Who would have thought so?!

So let me put this idea into your hands – if you like, do this with a close friend of yours. Choose beautiful stationary paper and write kind words, dreams, wishes to yourself. Write anything you like! Anything you feel like putting down. Exchange the letters, and send them out whenever, but don’t tell your friend when you’re going to be sending his letter!

It’s important you trust the friend you leave your letter with, or family member, or whoever else you choose. If I could I would take your letter – indeed, I would love to take your letter and send it back to you for you in a while. But this exceeds my organisational skills somehow^^

My very adventurous Me though suggested to try a funny experiment: if you trust me, I can offer you help – type a letter to yourself and send it to me digitally along with an address I can send it to which would be valid for at least a year. I promise I won’t read through it but print it out onto beautiful stationary. I will prepare a beautiful letter for you and send you the letter at any time within a year.

Who knows, maybe you’re willing to be my little experiment guinea pig on this one 🙂 Maybe after you got it you feel like writing about how it felt to receive it and share your experience here in this blog or your blog with a pingback to this post. That would be lovely! There’s lots of trust involved in this but sometimes it is just easier to trust a random stranger^^ It surely sounds like a fun experiment, doesn’t it?

Aaaaaaand – it would help me to use up my beautiful stationary paper I’ve been hoarding since I was about 7 years old – you know how I’m struggling with my mess, so give me a hand 😀 Let’s try this 😀 !!!

If you’re more up for digital letters and don’t trust anyone for holding a personal letter of yours, here’s a good alternative address I found on the web, where you can schedule and send yourself an e-mail at any time in the future.

Let me know what you think – or maybe you’ve already done such a thing before and would like to tell me about it? Comment section below would love to be filled with stories ❤


A penny for your thoughts... <3

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