SL-Week #7: Night

Photographer Sylvain Landry invited me to join his “freshly pressed” photo challenge called “SL-Week” which I gladly join – Thank you so much for the invite 🙂 !!!

The photo challenge  is running for a few weeks now, currently holding its 7th issue. I like the themes he chose for the challenges so far, and I like helping out new things to get started, so I’ll try to contribute as much as I can. At least, on this one I’m not running late as I am with the Weekly Photo Challenges 😉 I shall catch up on some of those soon!

I should be doing other stuff now actually… Preparing things for work, keep decluttering, keep tackling my current KM category of “paper”, bring my items which scatter my floor to their “home” so they (and in fact, I !!!) can relax better. But my heavy burden called procrastination is lingering around my person again, and when work is being tough, I like procrastinating. I feel I’m allowed to procrastinate. And I allow myself to root around pictures, sort them out, delete the very bad ones (hey, that’s also decluttering, isn’t it?) and just enjoy playing around with the photographs until something funny for a weekly feature comes out so I can share my work with others and maybe bring them a smile 🙂

This current picture was obviously taken by night at one of my favourite castles in Switzerland. I figured that a picture taken with the help of a tripod would have been sharper and better, but I still stuck to this one because the ambience makes it so special, and it somehow reminds me of a passage way or a time machine or such… watermarked-time machine passage

What do you have to think of when you see this picture? I wonder – let me know 🙂


8 thoughts on “SL-Week #7: Night

  1. Oooh, I think of one of my beloved medieval mysteries books – I’m just not gonna pretend those lights are torches. I agree, this is a nice shot 🙂 I wish I lived near castles too ❤

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    1. Aaah, with torches… lovely thought 🙂 !!! I am indeed very grateful I’m lucky enough to live near lots of old castles, ruins, and heritage buildings… On the other side, you have the sunshine, beach and seaside – that’s the beauty of the diversity of our planet ❤ Thanks for commenting dear Paardje ❤

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