SL-Week #6: Moto

Aaah, the addiction… If the challenge host suggests I’d join the last challenge as well and funnily enough I photographed JUST that motive last day, why not join in as well…?!

watermarked-motorbike wheelI always held a certain fascination for motorbikes. I was oh so very excited when ages ago, a friend invited me on my very first bike ride. I remember proudly putting on my leather pants which I had found at a charity shop back then, wearing the spare helmet he handed out to me and off we went on a gorgeous looking Honda that looked just a bit like a Harley to me 😉 The excitement of it!!! Alas, I never managed to ride a Harley ever since. The friends that owned one had only one seaters or at just that moment, no spare helmet. I still secretly wish some day I might join someone on a Harley ride 😉

If I could choose my perfect motorbike-entry, it would be a sight I once caught underwater diving in Koh Tao – all of the sudden we saw this beautiful shell covered Vespa down standing on the ground. It was such a comical, mysterious and beautiful sight – the fish all around the motorcycle, the shells – even our instructor sitting on it pretending to be accelerating and riding into the depths of the ocean… I’ll never forget that! Alas, no one had an underwater camera that day. Oh well 🙂

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6 thoughts on “SL-Week #6: Moto

  1. Very nice shot. I like that you took a piece of the bike…nicely dramatic effect. And not messy!

    If you go to Bali, you can rent a motorbike, or cycle and do paradise on one. Actually, if you want to spend a bunch of money, you can rent a Harley there. I stick with the Honda motorbikes…safer, slower, easy to handle, and get out of other people’s way!


    1. Thank you! Yes, it was specially the wheel that caught my eye on my way home, so I literally walked back again to photograph it because it wouldn’t stop nagging my brain about how cool it looked 😉

      That all sounds very nice… but the thing is – I don’t know how to ride a motorbike!!! I once tried to ride a scooter in Thailand and all the kids laughed at me because I probably handled it like a douchebag. It would be the handiest thing in Southeast Asia to be able to ride such a thing…^^ Who knows – maybe as a granny I’ll end up deciding to do my permit after all and will buy myself a Harley 😉

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