Konmari Method: Books

In my last post talking about my progress with the Konmari method I had promised to tell you about my book purge last week – work and life has been challenging this past week so I hope you’re still up to read about it the week after because it’s been quite a visible progress 🙂

One nice Sunday afternoon a few weeks back I gathered all of my books and, as the Konmari method suggests, put them in a pile in the living room. My books were scattered them around in my bedroom (favourite books, craft books etc…) and our bookshelf in the hallway. It was more difficult to find those in my bedroom I’d say 😉 (You can’t imagine why I assume, can you 😉 ? ). Me Man joined me on the process and did his own pile of books, while at the same time browsing through mine and taking away one or two to put them in his pile, while I, on my side, browsed through his pile to take some away from his pile. That was utterly comical 😉 When at times we found a book that belonged to “nobody”, we’d try to push it to the other’s pile… We made an extra pile of cooking books from the kitchen to sort out as well.

Well, as you can imagine – my pile of books ended up being much bigger than his. I was amazed by the amount of books I had (specially – in comparison to Me Man’s pile…).

tn_watermarked-books konmari before

Sorting through the books was rather easy in comparison to when I did my big closet purge. It was really clear to me which were my favourite books, which were books I really intended to read and had just collected as I was finding them for a good price somewhere, and which of the books I was only tn_watermarked-books konmari before 2always telling myself that I’d read them some time in the future, which I clearly knew within myself I never would. Most of those books were classics that “one should read”, stuff like from Jane Austen, old dramas, poetry… Even though I knew they were classics and I really should try to give it a go, I knew they didn’t make me happy and I’d eventually never pick them up to read. Not everything has to be my cup of tea I decided, and those books surely weren’t, so off they went. I was glad I could finally let them go without feeling guilty or anything 🙂

It took me an afternoon to sort through the books, clean out the shelves, clean some of the books and store them away nicely again. Me Man had finished his within a few minutes and was eagerly overviewing my process, commenting that my “keep” pile was still bigger than my “go” pile (I mean, of course!!! Those are books we’re talking about… ❤ ). We agreed to pile our books in a tower and see if I managed to have a higher “go-tower” than his. His was pretty remarkable I must say! He kept only a few books and it was amazing to see him sort through them so easily and nonchalantly.

Even though I still kept many books, I’m still very proud of the height of my go-tower, which ended up being about two meters an in all 🙂 I didn’t count them (you may do so if you wish and let me know 😉 ) but it must have been around a good third of the books I had.

tn_watermarked-books konmari afterMy favourite books, children’s books and crafts books went back into my own bedroom again (they make me happier there than in the hallway) and they now easily fit my shelves and have some random space next to them, it looks very nice! (Pictures of that will follow some day if I ever successfully manage to completely finish my endless-straighten-up-challenge 🙂 Don’t forget to vote for the outcome here).

The bookshelf in the hallway now is pure joy to look at 🙂 Stored in my bedroom are mostly only books I’ve already read and were my favourite ones, and out in the hallway now are mostly those that I intend to read. So this makes it look like a library to me where every time I finish a book I can scan through a bunch of books I like and want to read and that makes me very happy and feel good! Most of the books are stored away neatly as well (Alas, I completely forgot to take a before-picture of the messy bookshelf :-/ ) with a few exceptions, and it’s just a great feeling when looking at it – it feels so much less suffocating…

What did I do with all those books?

  • I put many of the nice ones online to show my friends and ask around if they would like any of those. I’d rather have the nice books that once meant something to me be with people I know, it’s somewhat a bit more fulfilling than donating them to random people. It was nice to see how they were happy to receive new reading material, or books they’ve always wanted to read, or just books I knew they would cherish (fairy tale books and the sort). This also “made” me meet up with most of them which was nice to have a chat, do something together and catch up with each other.
  • Some went into the Brocki bag.
  • Many of them I managed to sell through the internet to private sellers or online media-takers (find out a little bit more about it at #4 of this post here). All in all I got over 50 Euros for them.
  • And yet others are still not quite out of the apartment because those are the ones I’d really like to sell and not just donate. I have a “sell-box” in my bedroom which is quite full again now but I keep sorting those things out and donate the books that don’t get to be sold after all.

So even though not all of the books of both Me Man’s and my tower are out of the apartment yet, I still feel a huge difference regarding the space we’ve earned after the purge. It is true that, after tackling a category with the Konmari method, you feel much better about yourself, more focused on what you really need and want, and have this detoxicating air to your mindset that makes you want to get rid of most of your stuff in order to have more freedom and less burden to live with.

tn_watermarked-bookshelf konmari after

How about you – are you also tackling different categories with the help of the Konmari method? Or do you have other methods you’d like to share? I’m anxious to hear about it 🙂


7 thoughts on “Konmari Method: Books

  1. I am with you. I got rid of about 240 books; I donated most of them to a local library for their book sale. I think the Kanmari method makes a lot of sense. I am now in the paper stage, though it is being done in phases. 🙂 I will admit I don’t thank my house or my purse as the author suggests. 🙂

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    1. Wow, 240 books is an awful lot!!! Well done!!! Good idea with the library – may I inclued the idea in my post of what to do with the discarded things? Let me know – it would be very nice 🙂 !!! Yes, I have a hard time thanking my purse as well… But I sometimes try to say hello to my apartment, or thank my socks 😉 Hehehe 🙂


      1. Don’t worry, never out loud 😉 Just trying to thank them like KM suggests since I sometimes really push them to their limits 😉 Maybe it will have an effect, but I’m still experimenting, teehe 😉 Thanks a million – You’ll get credit for that as well 🙂


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