Friday Flow #28: Is Tidying A Complete Waste?

Today I would like to share a funny postcard with you:

tn_watermarked-tidy postcard

A tidy home is a sign for a wasted life.

When I first got it the other day, it made me laugh so hard 😀 The postcard now decorates the wall below my light switch so I keep seeing it every time I use the switch. Every time I do, I giggle inside myself. It goes so well with what I’m constantly struggling with – my mess 🙂

I guess you always need to find a healthy balance but as long as you can take things with humour it means you’re well balanced 🙂

Another funny story related to this is one that a teacher once told me: before going onto her summer break, she’d have to tidy up her classroom and sort out all of her paper she’d been using during the last school year. She only sorted out half – in case her plane crashed, she said, she wouldn’t have wasted ALL this time on tidying up… That’s quite humorous I think, even if it’s dark humour 😉 Somehow, we just need to find the balance between how much is “duty” and how much is “waste”, so we can tidy but at the same time enjoy life.

Hope you enjoyed this Friday Flow post – have a lovely weekend ❤


A penny for your thoughts... <3

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