Friday Flow #26: How Laughing About Yourself Is Healthy For You

tn_watermarked-fatso chocolate stain
fatso chocolate stains nearly to my knees… 🙂

The other day I was off on a weekend trip with some friends. We were all really excited and happy and looking forward to the weekend abroad. It was a warm and sunny day and most of us were dressed in a very summerly kind of way. I had put on light clothes – my new light blue jeans and a white wide beautiful light Tee. I don’t know about you but to us, when on a trip, it means munching around on sweets and junk food as well 😉 One girl had brought lovely Summer Edition chocolates and we were all just too eager to try those. I had been saving mine for a bit later, as a dessert. When it was time for it to be enjoyed by me I opened up the wrapping paper in pure anticipation and slowly bit into the round chocolate (imagine one of those chocolate commercials where everything is happening in slow motion… 😉 ). Alas – stupid me didn’t realize the candy had been sitting in the sun for a while and was quite soft. Not knowing the sort of candy it was either, since it was the Summer Edition, I didn’t expect the inside of it to be – well, liquid… So it all dripped onto my light coloured clothes and left beautiful huge chocolaty brown stains on my clothes… I looked down at myself in horror and then – laughed…!!! I laughed so hard because of my stupidity. Typical me!!! On the first few hours of the journey you spoil your freshly washed clothes to the most 😀

A friend sitting opposite then told me she wouldn’t know too many people who would be able to react with so much humour. Most other people would have gotten mad about the situation. And that made me think – I used to be one of those persons! I would have gotten utterly mad at myself and been in a bad mood for the rest of the journey. But now – I mean, what could I do about it at that moment? The answer is very plain: nothing. It is the way it is. I can’t change it nor make the stains vanish. So all I can do basically is go along and have a good laugh at myself, as everybody else would when seeing this, so why not 🙂 ? In the end, it’s not the end of the world. There are washing machines and yes, I could wash my clothes in the hotel for a few coins. Everything was good 😀

Laughing at yourself when something stupid happens can be so liberating. Instead of filling yourself with negative thoughts and anger about whatever happened to you, it fills you with positive energy, humour, giggles, laughs, and makes you happy. We all have heard about those smile therapy sessions – there must be something to it 😉 In the end it’s basically your choice: when something stupid happens to you, you can either get angry, or go with it and have a good laugh.

Which would be your choice?

To round this up, I have the ultimate humorous video for you – you might have seen this one cruising around the internet already, but the laughs of the man are just so catchy that I cried tears when watching it for the first time 😀 You can clearly see another lesson been learned by the elder one, and not by the younger one 😉 There are few kids that are able to laugh about themselves. How would life be easier on them if they only could! ❤

Hope you enjoyed this 🙂


5 thoughts on “Friday Flow #26: How Laughing About Yourself Is Healthy For You

  1. That boy’s 1st reaction reminds me of my daughter. Haha! And I’m glad you didn’t allow the chocolate to spoil your day, I would have had a hard time not focusing on the mess 🙂

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