Friday Flow #25: Anniversary Stocktaking

tn_watermarked-owl cake

Wow, I can’t believe 25 weeks have been gone since I first started the featurette “Friday Flow”. It’s nearly half way through! I had a year in my mind, a year of trying to keep up with a regular posting system, a small featurette that would provide people with beautiful stories, links and thoughts to enjoy, to feel happy about.  A year to try to get through this routine, see if I could manage. A challenge to myself, to finally get off my bum and try to create something instead of just talking or thinking about it.

It’s been good! It brings loads of new ideas of what I could be sharing with the world, what could inspire others just as it once inspired me. Although it is a wee bit tough to keep up with the weekly schedule at times, specially when my regular every day life is busy as hell. I’m learning a lot through this and I’m glad the way it’s flowing.

So – to celebrate this little personal milestone I would like to share a piece of the owl cake above with you ❤ Have some tea or coffee and enjoy one of the best cakes that I’ve ever managed to do 🙂

After you’ve had your piece of cake and hot beverage (I can also offer you cool iced tea if you prefer 😉 !) I’d be more than happy if you could take a wee little bit of time to answer my following questions in the form below. That way, I get a bit of an overview of the Friday Flow readership which might help me evolve it. Please do feel free to comment anything that’s on your mind. Constructive critisism is very welcome, also in the comments section below.

Thank you very much for your help – hope you enjoyed the cake and wish you a lovely weekend ❤


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