I feel lighter…

tn_watermarked-declutter bag 11 konmari tn_watermarked-declutter bag 12 konmari…exactly two more bags lighter! Last day I brought bags #11 and 12 to the Brocki. I had mentioned them in my frustration post last week and I finally had time to bring them and say goodbye to the things inside. A certain effect of the “click point” also came upon me as I discarded things I have been trying to sell for a while and somehow couldn’t. Off they go. It did good!!! I don’t miss them. Less work to post them online somewhere and promote them on a regular basis to sell them or make someone else happy. I might as well make someone else happy who will pick them up at the Brocki and go home happily with a good bargain.

Bag #13 is filling up ❤ I wonder, if I ever get to finish my room with the Konmari Method, how many bags all in all will have been gone^^.

How are you faring with your decluttering mission? Or what do you do with your unwanted things?

If you need any more ideas, you can check my other post talking about what to do with things you don’t need anymore here.


A penny for your thoughts... <3

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