Postcrossing Turns 10 Years!

Amidst everything else I had to do these days I totally forgot that it was Postcrossings’ 10th anniversary! Wow, Happy Happy Birthday Postcrossing 🙂 !!! You’ve brought much joy to my life this past year ❤

Read their own anniversary blog post here.

It is funny because I only realized it last day – and it is my own personal 1st anniversary being part of the Postcrossing community 🙂 This week I received two very nice postcards. I love when the postcards have beautiful stamps on them as well – have a look at these ones – aren’t they just stunning?

tn_watermarked-postcrossing postcard stamp cz

I’ve had many great experiences through Postcrossing. Who knows, maybe it would also bring joy to your life? If you don’t know what Postcrossing is, have a look at this post here.

Well then – Happy Birthday again and hopefully this wonderful project stays with us for many more years ❤


A penny for your thoughts... <3

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