Friday Flow #24: Learn To Let It Be…

watermarked-interrail 03 bank

I am currently feeling very stressed out. There’s so much to do at work and I will barely be able to finish everything up before I head out to a wedding abroad. (Consider – my suitcase isn’t packed yet either…^^). My mess at home is still quite visible, even after having tossed and discarded so many things. I just don’t quite see the end of the tunnel yet^^ It feels like a neverending story to me at the moment…

After that trip I’ll be home for exactly one day before Me Man and me go on a vacation together. We will visit some friends at a birthday abroad and from then – well, this is it… from then, we don’t exactly know where to. Or how we will be traveling. Or what else there is to organize for it. We’ve both just been so busy that we haven’t had the time to look further into it.

And that stresses me as well 😦

The thing is – for years and years I’ve been planning all of my me-trips I did. I like that – to have an idea of where to go and somehow sort out the first few things. For our trips together we were usually a wee bit prepared at least. Had a guide book. Had our tickets sorted and all. Knew about where we wanted to go. But this upcoming trip abroad doesn’t need airplane tickets. I guess that’s one thing that makes you “not bother about it” because you don’t need to worry about a plane ticket. But we don’t even know what sort of train ticket we need, or what would be the best option. I am usually not like that unnerves me a little bit.

tn_watermarked-interrail 03 greece

I remember a trip I did with a buddy about twelve years ago. I had won an Interrail ticket for Europe and we chose an area to travel to. But apart from that – we had basically no idea of what to do, where to go to and what to expect. We kind of just went wherever our boat (or train*g*) flowed. We didn’t even have a guide book… We just had the Interrail map of Europe, and that was it. And you know what? That was enough… It went all perfectly fine, although we might have missed out on some beautiful places and sights, but the way it all went – it was just fine and it felt right.

tn_watermarked-Interrail 03 innenhof hostel

I met some of the most amazing people on that trip. I’ve experienced utmost kindness by random strangers, great conversations, fantastic memories all in all. And it was all just so careless…

I wonder where that old and so different “me” went to. Do we forget to be careless when we get older? Why do I tend to want to book ahead, plan stuff and spend hours organizing a trip before hand? I mean, it has happened a few times to me that I ended up somewhere and had no place to stay for the night because I didn’t book / plan ahead. In the end, it always went fine. With much luck. But still, maybe I should try to trust life a wee little bit more 😉 So I’m trying to stay relaxed right now. I’m trying to accept the fact that we probably won’t be able to plan ahead anything or much, and just try to let it be. Calm down. And take whatever comes the way it comes. And just be fine with it 🙂

tn_watermarked-interrail 03 pompejitn_watermarked-Interrail 03 relaxing feet

Sometimes it might do us good to just follow an interesting looking path and stay relaxed at the same time.

What kind of person are you – do you tend to plan ahead everything or do you just book a ticket and see what happens at your destination?


6 thoughts on “Friday Flow #24: Learn To Let It Be…

  1. I hear you! And if you’re not flying…I’d say don’t worry, just go and let the winds of fate carry you both into whatever place they blow you. It was good once in Europe, it’ll be fine again…where are you going? Where ever! I’ve traveled like that for years. No guidebook, no plans, no rules…except see things, meet people, have fun. Sounds like you are capable of all that already, eh?! Good luck! And since you advised me not to stress out, I will say the same to you!!!

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    1. Yes it’s funny, when I read your post I had to smile because I was feeling the same *ggg*. We were thinking of heading north-/north-east, check out The Netherlands maybe or Belgium, northern Germany. No clue really *lol* Yes I shall try to keep calm and just go with the flow. Would surely do me good 😉 Thank you!!!

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      1. If you haven’t been to Amsterdam, start there. If I could live in two places in the world, they would be Amsterdam and Bali. You know, I think I will do that.
        If you’re in Netherlands…visit the island of Texel…very old world. Don’t expect warm beaches, though.

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      2. That’s indeed on our list!!! I only made it to The Hague so far and loved it, can’t wait to explore Amsterdam 🙂 Heard lots of good stuff about it (and I’m not talking about those coffee shops). Funny – a few hours ago Texel was recommended to me as well… 😉 Yes, I’m trying to decide what to pack… *sigh*… Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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      3. It’s summer in Europe, sometimes in some places, like windy Texel, it gets real cold, especially if it rains (take an umbrella) or at night (take some with sleeves, a light fleece). good luck…and yes, Amsterdam is very cool besides the coffee houses

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