The Frustration Behind My Decluttering Mission

If you’re following this blog for a while you know that I’m trying very hard to declutter my bedroom with the help of the Konmari method. You’re supposed to declutter by categories instead of places, to keep an eye on everything of the same category you own and give you an overview.

After the categories clothes, shoes, bags and books, I’ve skipped a few and continued with my craft supplies. I deliberately skipped papers because I thought I’d have a better overview of my crafts. I thought that was a hard nut to crack… until I started with paper.. my oh my…!!!

I’ve been reading online about how other people found it hard to cope with. Somewhere, I even came across this picture which really really made me laugh:

konmari game of thrones
I think you’d have to be familiar with the Game Of Thrones series to find this funny 😉

I had a good laugh when I saw it, but boy oh boy, I had no clue what to expect nor was I prepared when I started with the category paper… which does not even include my crafts paper or stationary items at the moment, either…^^

The thing is – I’m a collector of pretty things. Snippets. Inspiring images. Clippings. I guess, for more than 20 years I’ve been collecting those. Most of it is filed and stored away, that’s totally fine. But there’s loads out there that accumulated due to the fact that I just didn’t have (or take) the time to file away properly. Or read. Or get inspired from. Or so much more…^^ Most of the paper things are images or pieces that brought an idea to my mind on what to do with it, a specific piece of art that I have in mind to use it for. But the thing is – nearly every pretty image I find anywhere brings new ideas to my head! I’ve gotten rid of so many and only kept those that bore the best ideas, and it’s still so much!

Then there are all the notes I took about things I wanted to research about. And guess what – most links or info are outdated anyhow. But I want to go through those notes because at some point in my life it was important enough to me to make a note about it, so it must be something worth checking. Or at least I feel I owe it to my former “me”.

And then there’s all the postcards and letters I got from people. I’ve been putting those aside for the very end. But then, where to with the rest of the scrapbook papers if you don’t do photo albums or scrapbooks anymore? Concert tickets, tickets from abroad, random photographs… how to store those and keep those? I’m at a total loss…

I have the feeling that I’m getting nowhere at the moment. I’m decluttering tons of papers and every time I come across another item that has no use in my life at the moment it goes straight into the Brocki bag. I’ve only just brought the last two over to the Brocki (charity shop) and I’ve got another full one waiting to do so right here! Next one already filling up… And still, no matter how much I take out of my room, no matter how much I toss away or put into the Brocki bags, it still feels utterly cluttered and is stressing the hell out of me. It makes me utterly tired and I have the feeling I’m getting nowhere with this all. I feel like I’m constantly decluttering and getting rid of things to have a better life and do the things that I want, but have a hellish kind of life at the moment, and will never ever get to that clutter free goal I’ve visualised in the beginning of the process.

I got to the point where I’m just so utterly happy to get anything out my door. Anything into the trash, may it be the smallest piece of paper with something scribbled on it. Or blank space on a sticker sheet – I’d cut that excess paper out and toss it. Honestly – anything!!! I really start tossing what does not spark joy anymore, and try to use only the nice things surrounding me. I start sticking a massive amount of stickers on envelopes I’m sending away, to be happy to use the stickers and, to have a little bit less of it as well. It somehow makes me sad to think that all those years I’ve been saving the most beautiful stationary and stickers for special occasions and such. But special occasion is every day of my life! It makes me feel I haven’t properly lived my life in many ways until now and that makes me sad and want to turn back the time to be able to write letters in the most beautiful stationary while being happy at the same time, instead of using random paper because the beautiful paper was just too beautiful to be used…^^

And this is where this sort of “click” point might have crossed my mind. Sometimes, I really just feel like tossing everything out the door. Just.Out.Of.My.Room. Gone. Bye bye. Hasta la vista. I feel like giving away all of my random items I don’t yet exactly know what to do with. I remember being in my dad’s office a few years ago and he had just found an old box of floppy disks. He opened it, looked inside, closed it and tossed it in the trash. I was astonished and asked: “…but dad, why would you toss away your floppy disks?” I just couldn’t believe it. He asked me if I knew what was on them. I denied of course. And he only replied: “Me neither”…^^ 😀 I wish I could act like my dad. Just toss it and let it go, it probably wouldn’t bother me. But I’ve got two issues to fight with:

a) Essential information might then be gone and I would not be able to find it again. Ever. (Call me control freak?!)

b) I feel like I owe it to the old “me” to have a look at the things. I put so much time into collecting and pre-organising the clippings that by tossing all the papers, I’d feel like I’d have wasted a lot of time of my “former life”, all in vain.

It feels weird to write this down, I’m sure some of you might think I might be some kind of a nut 😉 But maybe writing it down will help me let it all go. Bring me a step closer to my visualised goal of what I would love to feel tn_watermarked-inspirationwhen I enter my room – the same feeling I have when looking at this picture =>

But it’s a long way. And I want to keep going because if I stop now I won’t be able to start again, I have to get through my room with all the categories before hope leaves me completely. So I’m hanging in there, try to chew through the paper, try to toss as much as I can, and hopefully at some point I’ll be done!

What about you – have you gone through the Konmari category of papers already? What do you do to lift your spirits and to keep you going? What was the hardest category for you so far? Happy about any help 🙂


11 thoughts on “The Frustration Behind My Decluttering Mission

  1. I definitely found papers to be the hardest – actually, I still haven’t finished the Konmari method with my papers, because I put photographs, archived letters (I was pen pals with a great aunt for almost 30 years), and art supplies aside and have not had the courage to tackle those yet! Good luck as you continue your Konmari journey!

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    1. Are those the last categories on your list? If so – wow, you’ve come a long way and are almost there!!! Yes, I also had lots of penpals and thats a lot of letters to keep… I have to start filing the letters again, they’ve also been neglected for so long 😕 I guess step by step we’ll hopefully all manage some day… Thank you, I can surely need it! I keep my fingers crossed for your journey as well!

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  2. Hi, I know this is a really old post, but I just wanted to say, in regard to your two notes, these epiphanies helped me:

    1) If you haven’t used it or needed it in the time since you first stored those items, you will never need it.

    2) The time you spent collecting, storing, and organizing it is gone. You will never get it back. Spending more time looking at it all now won’t fix it. You are just spending more time that you will never get back. Ask yourself, how would you like to spend the hours you are currently using looking at all these papers? Because time is even more finite than money. You can’t “earn” any of it back. Life is too short, and there are too many fun things to do, loved ones to spend time with, to waste it on a pile of paper.

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    1. Hi Kate, wow, thank you SO much for stopping by and sharing your tips with me, I really appreciate it ❤ You really gave me something to think about… I can't believe it's been nearly two years since this post and I'm still somewhat fighting the same thing to a smaller extend and in another home, but wow, your words do move something inside me and I will ponder about it and try my best… Thank you so much!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


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