Meet The Discarded Bags #8-10

I’m a wee bit behind telling you about the bags I’ve been discarding. After I had tn_watermarked-bag no.8 (2)done the big closet purge with the Konmari Method I soon had the next one ready, bag #8. When I brought it to the Brocki (sort of charity shop) it was actually the very first time I’ve allowed myself to have a little look around at the stuff they were selling there. I couldn’t resist and ended up buying two good DVD’s and three good CD’s, one of each being a present for someone. Sometimes it really tickles my fingers to grab the DVD’s of my favourite movies because

a) they’re just so good and

b) they’re in such a good condition for such little money!!!

It just kind of breaks my heart to see them there in the racks, abandoned. How could anyone give those away? I find myself thinking. And then I always really reconsider if I truly

a) need that movie (because I might not yet have it myself) or

b) if I actually know someone who would enjoy it and give it as a present.

Often I find myself putting them back. But this time I just allowed it and am very happy with the very good deal I got there 🙂

These next two bags I’ve just brought over this past week. They were very heavy and I felt so relieved after they were just out, gone, out of sight. I didn’t even take my purse along to deliver thetn_watermarked-bag no.9-10m, I really just entered the Brocki, handed them over and left without blinking an eye, going home smiling at the sun 🙂 It just feels so very good every time I get anything out of my room / house. I always try to remind myself to thank the things for their help and place in my life and wish them farewell and hope they’ll make someone else happy. I just like that approach of Marie Kondo and try to keep up with it 🙂

There have been several ways I’ve been getting rid of my things I don’t need anymore at home which I would like to share in a post with you next week. I’ve been trying hard and doing quite well. I’m not sure though if I might just have reached a certain “click” point Marie Kondo talks about, but at the moment I’m just happy when things are gone. It lifts my spirits and makes me happier, and that’s what I’m really striving for at the moment. So keep an eye out next week and read about all the possibilities you’ve got when you try to get rid of your things 🙂

So far – share this one with me: how do you feel every time you discard something you don’t need anymore?


A penny for your thoughts... <3

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