Friday Flow #22: How A Simple Pair Of Flip Flops Helped Me Come Down

tn_watermarked-flip flops

I am currently going through a wee bit of a stressful time. Several thoughts meander through my head and make me feel like I won’t have enough time or energy to accomplish everything I want / shall in the time given to me. Today was quite bad, although I managed to tick off a few things of my to-do-list, and I was a bit at a loss.

Also, the weather has been so g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. these past few days (remember – I live in Zürich which is not well known for really lovely hot summers 😉 ) that it is literally screaming at you asking you to come out and play. You feel guilty if you don’t consider or even try to make some time in the day to get out, even though you’d have so much work to do or just rather stay home (decluttering 😉 ).

I then had some errands to do and told myself to go sit in the shade at the park nearby on my way home and read for an hour. As I was looking at my shoes, I noticed that only one pair of flip flops would match the outfit I was currently wearing.

I had bought them last year on sale. They are brand flip flops – something I would never consider buying, but as they had a really good price I remember wondering if a brand = better quality = more comfort for your feet. I was utterly disappointed when I first wore them and they tore the whole flesh between my big and second toe – the straps were made of such thick and weird fabric that it just happened at my regular walking pace. So then I figured – if I wear these flip flops, I will have to walk very slowly in order not to hurt myself. I could then

  • a) find out if they are worth keeping
  • b) make myself walk slower and see what happens

I put them on and – truly – my pace was slower, and I started to come down instantly. It helped so much that by the time I was in the park I could literally enjoy my magazine instead of reading to get it over with and quickly get back home to do whatever else needed to be done tonight. My feet don’t hurt, I know I’d like to keep the flip flops, and I feel an utter calmness now. Relaxing evening – here I come 😀

Maybe flip flops were always made to make you walk slower and I just never knew? No other flip flops ever made me get blisters, and other sandals only gave me blisters whenever I tried to hurry somewhere in them. Hmmm…

So if you read this little story, try to bear it in your mind next time you feel like rushing around. Sometimes, consciously doing something slower when we can’t afford to be slow, can cause miracles. After all, what would be the difference – a few minutes?

What do you do to come down whenever you feel stressed out? I’d love to hear 🙂


5 thoughts on “Friday Flow #22: How A Simple Pair Of Flip Flops Helped Me Come Down

  1. Glad a pair of flip-flops had such a positive impact on your day 🙂

    When I am stressed out I keep moving, doing stuff with my hands like washing dishes, doing the laundry or organizing a closet. If there’s nothing to do I walk around in circles (usually in the living room) and review the stuff that’s on my mind and try to come up with action plans for each. For to-do items, listing everything down usually helps as I can tackle those that are more important or interesting and leave the rest for when there’s extra time.

    I hope you indeed had a relaxing evening afterwards 🙂

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    1. Yes, I guess it’s that restless sensation everyone gets and they start moving around doing random things and keeping busy^^ Don’t to-do-lists stress you out even more? Because I have then to keep thinking what’s on the list and it stays on the back of my head all the time, honestly, like, all.the.time! Thanks, the evening was good and relaxing 🙂 Decluttered some more paper;)

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      1. Well in my case, listing to-do’s down gets rid of that ‘constipated’ feeling 🙂 I can think much better once that feeling is gone. LOL! But seriously, I do! 😀

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