What Happened After The Big Konmari Closet Purge

It still surprises me every time I think about the changes that Marie Kondo’s book did to me and my surroundings. I mentioned in my last blog that I finished reading the book on a road trip. Of course, while sitting in the car, enquiries are being made as to what everyone is reading. So I started to explain the method to my partner’s mother. Soon, a vivid discussion raised about how Marie Kondo handles things, if they might work (even for me 😉 ) or just generally about the Konmari method. It was funny to see how at some paragraphs we had to giggle because her way of seeing or handling things is just so different to ours. While the ladies in the car rather stayed giggling and warming up to the idea (endless discussion: the sock-handling!!!), the men rather, hm, laughed a bit more 😉

The better now then seem these impacts on our lives that her book brought to me and my surroundings:

tn_watermarked-marie kondo book red blue

6 remarkable impacts that Marie Kondo’s book brought to me and my surroundings:

  • Me Man’s mother did a drastic closet purge herself and cleared out lots of things. I am still amazed how she gets by with a closet less than 1/5 the size of mine^^ Amazing…!!!
  • Her husband, after much laughing in the car, joined her in a closet purge as well and went over his own clothes.
  • The little brother of Me Man actually went out to buy a nice squared container where he now folds and stores his socks (!!!). That was the most surprising event of all I’d say 😉
  • I told my good friend about the book and she told her mom about it. Her mom sat there quietly listening. A few days after my friend, who actually lives next door to her parents, overheard her mom telling her husband about the book I was reading. My friend explained that it must have been a huge deal to her mom and really made an impact on her because otherwise she would never tell her dad about it!
  • When I got to purging the category “books” my partner jollily joined me and purged his books as well. We spent a nice afternoon doing it, although he finished in a felt second while I was still gathering my books together 😉
  • The week after my closet and book purge out of the very blue I felt terribly sick. I ended up having massive tummy aches like never before that went on for three days. I was living on crackers and tea and felt utterly weak and lost some weight after all the diarrhea. Now – I’m not sure if it could have been a fish I ate two days before it started, although my partner had the same meal and nothing happened to him. Or it might have been a bug that went around, although I’m always very careful and wash my hands after public transport etc. Or – who knows – maybe what Marie Kondo explains in her book happened to me as well: she states that many of her clients get very sick and some have a bout of diarrhea after the first few days of tidying-up, because “…our bodies are just getting rid of toxins that have built up over the year.” If you “detox” your life and your home, your body might just as well join in and also detox itself. This sounds plausible.  Who knows?

I am very curious to see how this whole procedure continues and what other surprises it might bring with it 🙂 Did you notice any remarkable changes yourself which the book might have brought to you and your environment? Tell me all about it 🙂 !!!


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