Friday Flow #19: How To Feed Your Mailbox Properly

Are you constantly complaining that your mailbox (no, not the virtual one… the actual box outside your front door somewhere^^) is empty and starving for a loving note? Sick of getting all those bills, commercial newspapers and other odd things you might find in there?

Here’s a really nice treat for you, but you’ll have to do something for it in return as well – you know: whatever goes around, comes around 😉 It is simply called

The principle is very easy. You write a postcard to anyone in the world. Write about anything you like. You will not know that person. You get a little code that you write on your postcard for identification. The person receives your postcard and, with the help of the ID code, registers it on the website. After that, the website knows that you’ve been honest and really sent a postcard. So you will be the next one to receive a postcard from anywhere in the world 🙂

How neat is that? Here are five reasons why it is a lovely idea to join the postcrossing community:

  • You get to communicate with random strangers all across the world
  • If you love traveling and for some reason cannot do it at the moment then this is your chance to broaden your knowledge about different cultures, cities, customs, languages and so much more!
  • Whenever you feel a bit down you can send out a few postcards and be sure to get some back to cheer you up 🙂
  • You don’t have to have a bad conscience if you don’t reply – this is not a friend you’re writing back and forth with, these are randomly selected postcrossers that you have no commitment with – pieces of delight sent to you bit by bit 🙂
  • Joining is completely free, and sending postcards doesn’t cost a lot of money and you can send them whenever you feel like – if you don’t feel like sending and receiving any for a year, then by all means, that’s completely fine! No pressure at all 🙂

But most importantly: it’s great F U N to join the postcrossing community with everything that it brings along 🙂 I knew about the website for a while already but only recently registered and it has brought me lots of joy – I got beautiful postcards with lovely content from all over the world – that really cheers you up 😀 !!!

Did I make you curious? Would you like to join postcrossing as well? Visit the website here:

Are you already a fellow postcrosser? Then share your experiences here with newbies in the comment section – I’d be delighted to read about them


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