Konmari Method: 1st Step

I finally get to write a bit about my experiences with he Konmari Method I’ve been trying to follow according to Marie Kondo’s fantastic book The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up. In the book she asks that, before you start discarding things and using her method of tidying-up, you should visualize your perfect home and lifestyle and write down what’s important to you regarding the goals you’d like to set for yourself.

I realized that when flicking through some home decoration magazines, I often find myself glancing at some pictures daydreaming about having a home as tidy as they seem to be in those pictures. Sometimes, if I feel utterly frustrated, I can realize my dream by tidying up our living room, which then ends up looking nearly as nicely as in those magazines, and that gives me a feeling of satisfaction and happiness. I try to keep it up so I would at least feel really good about one room in our appartment 🙂

The picture I cut out to keep me focused on my goal (from “Landhaus Living 1/2012”)

I then cut out a picture of a magazine and stuck it onto my “mood board” (which is basically the wall in front of my desk) to help me keep my goals focused as to what I want to reach after I finished tidying-up my bedroom with the Konmari method: A nice, fresh looking bedroom that invites you to stay there and be creative (and have room for crativity!!!), with lovely little details as decoration and nothing cluttering the floor. A room I can go into and not constantly  be thinking of everything I need to tidy up because I see the mess lying around the floor reminding me of what I should be doing. A room where I can just enter and choose what I’d like to do next, rather than immediately feeling I should rather be tidying up…

I managed to realize a first step by decluttering and decorating my window sill very nicely as you can see on this post here. When I look at my window sill it makes me feel a step closer to my goal and it makes me happy with its decorations.

My goals are now set and I’m working myself through my room with the help of the Konmari method. It suggests to sort out things by categories and not by locations. So far I have gone through the following categories:

The effects were immense and I will blog about them during the following weeks, so keep an eye out! Next category would be papers and my own-selected category craft supplies. I’m trying to get through everything in “one go” as Marie Kondo suggests but it can be difficult putting that together with all the other tasks and work things you’ve got going on every day, but I’m really trying to keep up!

As I already mentioned in my post of the 3rd video showing my progress with the Endless-Tidy-Up-Challenge, I am having difficulties putting things away again. Marie Kondo has a very cute way of explaining things, I’m not sure if it’s just her or if it’s the allover Japanese impression us westeners get from them, but she states that every item needs to have a “home” and, just as we go home every day, they’d like to be put away in their homes again for a rest. It might sound curious and funny in the beginning, but I warmed up to the tought and ended up really liking it, nearly treating my objects as “personalized things that just want to go home as well” 😉 The reason we have our rooms cluttered is then just because we plainly own too much and haven’t assigned a “home” to those objects yet, that’s why they lay around and clutter our floor or desk. (It really does make sense if you look at it that way!) So I try my best into bringing my objects back to their home at the end of each day, which needs a lot of discipline as I’m just not the person who does that on a daily basis^^.

I also find it difficult to follow since the Konmari method states to “discard first, store later”:

Do not even think of putting your things away until you have finished the process of discarding.

Which somehow makes sense as well. It’s difficult though because I really have SO MUCH to discard and sort out yet, that I feel those things need at least a temporary home 😀 Or they are just things I know make me happy and I want to keep anyway, so I assign them a new home and try to store them there every time after using, even though I haven’t gone through its category yet.

So this is an update on my current state – I’ll keep posting more about the categories mentioned above in following posts, and how that made me feel.

I can only state again how much this book has helped me so far and how much it has influenced my life and the life of other people around me – I can strongly recommend it to anyone having issues with tidying-up! Please feel free to share your own thoughts and experiences with me, I’d love to hear it all ❤


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