Endless Tidy-Up-Challenge Video #3

Finally, here’s the enless Tidy-Up-Challenge video #3 for you, featuring days 101 – 147 – brace yourself for a good stun and laugh 😀

A few notes before you watch it:

* 0:28 – new pile of mess after coming home from a 2 week trip

* 0:53 – new pile of mess after starting to use the Konmari method when purging my closet – I had to take everything out so it had to go somewhere 🙂

* 1:24 – disguised clean-up – I had a visitor staying over so I literally had to clear the floor a bit for the suitcase and comfort of the visitor 😀

* 1:34 – visitor is gone and I’m trying hard to keep it up to the standart of when before the visitor was here – as you see not toooooo successful, but I’m trying… 😉

I must say when I tried very hard to clean up the floor and make room for the visitor coming over (I tidied up until nearly 2am the next morning!!!) it also made a huge impact on me! By only moving some things aside or on top of each other the room seemed much more organized and it felt – utterly free!!! My partner came into my room that day and grinned, saying there was actually space in my room and you could even dance in it 😀 And the next morning when I woke up I honestly had to think hardly where I was – I didn’t recognize my own space!!! It made such an impact that I’m really taking Marie Kondo‘s advice of “everything has a “home”, so bring everything back home before going to bed“. It’s hard for me as I realized that I’m not the person who puts things back into its place straight away, but I’m trying to be more disciplined about it. It’s working a tiny bit, sometimes more, sometimes less. I tend to be too lazy…^^

But enough chattin’ round – here’s the third video for you to enjoy and have a craic 😀 Hope you like it and don’t forget to share your thoughts with me 🙂

Following soon – more about how Marie Kondo’s book has been changing my life… bear with me a little more 🙂

PS: You’ll find the first two videos here:


14 thoughts on “Endless Tidy-Up-Challenge Video #3

  1. You do seem to have an enormous task on your hands!
    Your room looks so much better when it is free of floor clutter and, as you say yourself, it makes you feel better too. How about investing in some storage boxes? You can then put all the things that are on the floor into one or two boxes and tackle these in turn when sorting the contents out. Just a suggestion 🙂
    Keep up the good work 🙂

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    1. Actually, lots of lose stuff I had stuffed in the white box at the back of the room – I just didn’t know where to put things so it went into my spare box. Getting more boxes would be a good idea, although I’d fear that then the mess would just be stored away and I’d have a harder time kicking myself to get the things sorted. I’d also like to do it the way Marie Kondo suggests – not sorting by space but by category, and that would make the task more difficult since I already have all my things scattered around! But nevertheless it’s a good point and thought – thank you :)!!! I’ll try to keep this going 🙂


      1. Quite right! Once you’ve embarked on a strategy you need to keep to it otherwise you’ll surely fail. And, if you’re anything like me, putting things into boxes only delays the inevitable task – out of sight is out of mind after all 🙂

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      1. No, not at all! But I hate the fluffy stuff that hides and comes forward as soon as you start moving things away to organize. I’m no clean freak at all if you look at the rest of the appartment, but maybe a fluff freak? Dunno^^

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  2. Great progress! I spy that sneaky vacuum cleaner 😉

    I must say, even my mood lifted when there was more floor space. Like you say, it’s very freeing. Keep up the hard work! 🙂


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