Friday Flow #17: Moments Of Happiness Registration Office

tn_watermarked-glucksmomente 1

Last week as I got out of the train station in Lucerne I stumbled upon a lovely looking camper van with lots of colourful papers stuck onto it. As I got closer to examine them a young lady started talking to me about what the project was all about. I had actually stumbled upon a registration office for moments of happiness! These people had just set up a new website and for their launching they stood in the square for a whole day trying to get people to register their moments of happiness 🙂 How cool is that?

tn_watermarked-glucksmomente 2

The initial idea for such a registration office was created by a Swiss man called Mark Riklin. He felt that our community was obsessed with “only bad news are news” and wanted to do something about it, whereon he started the first website to register moments of happiness. He felt that those moments needed to be shared, because being shared, they become bigger.

People creating these websites believe that it’s important to share such moments because we live in such hectic times that we often forget to have a closer look at the good and happy moments. The websites are supposed to remind us of them and to see new moments of happiness within other situations and persons.

I absolutely loved the idea of the projects! Alas, those websites are only in German, but I’ve seen some entries written in other languages as well, so I’m sure you’d be able to share your moment of happiness there too if you like! Or maybe you know of another similar website in your own language, or would even like to create a new one for your surrounding area? Write to me about it and I’ll add it to the links 🙂



* erste Meldestelle fĂĽr GlĂĽcksmomente


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