…So What Happened To The Tidy-Up-Challenge?

…So what happened to the Tidy-Up-Challenge you may wonder? Lately I’ve only been posting photographs for the Weekly Photo Challenges, Silent Sundays and my weekly Friday Flow issues. The Friday Flow’s because it’s a set goal of mine to try to do this every week and I’d like to keep that. The photographs because they’re much less trouble to get sorted for a post. I’ve been so utterly busy and tired these past few weeks that I just couldn’t bring myself to update on the Tidy-Up-Challenge with the Konmari Method yet. But trust me: I’m working really hard on the method, on the tidying process, and taking lots and lots of pictures to show you the effects. And be sure – the effects on me (AND my surroundings!!!) are quite stunning!!! Keep an eye on this website for more!

But you’ll have to bear a bit with me until I get the posts and photographs sorted out, the next video done and the words put in a right place to create a coherent and nice text for you 😉

So far, let me share a picture of my last bag before I started the whole Konmari Method Tidying Up thing. Meet Bag #7 😀 The bag was actually ready less tn_watermarked-bag no. 7than a week after I’d done Bag #6. It even gave me the idea of trying a new thing called “A Bag A Week”, where you discard a whole bag every week. I was going to set it up as a challenge and challenge you as well 😉 But at around that moment I read the passage in Marie Kondo’s book stating you have to do the Konmari Method all in one go and not bit by bit, so I discarded the bag and the thought with it. (feel free to feel challenged after all and post about it – make sure to let me know!!! 😉 )

Alas, this is all the information I can offer you at the moment. Be prepared for more – I’m off to work on the next video for the challenge 😉


A penny for your thoughts... <3

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