Friday Flow #15: Do Things You’ve Never Done Before

When was the last time you’ve tried out something you’ve always wanted to do? Or did something you’ve never done before? Think for a moment.

Was that a long time ago? How did that make you feel?

A long time ago, I was going through a pretty rough time. A good friend then gave me a very good advice: try out new things, do things that you’ve never done before! So I did. And I don’t know what it really was about it, but it made me feel a whole lot better! I think it just helped me through the process of healing back then. A lot.

Approaching new things with the eyes of a child is always a good thing. You read lots about it in current magazines, with this fact relating to mindfulness. Last week, I’ve tried it again. And also today. And it just felt really good!

There is this event being held in Zürich called “Zürich tanzt” which means “Zurich is dancing”. Lots of dancing schools offer crash courses and workshops on all sorts of dancing lessons. While reading this year’s program, I admit that I had to look up some dancing styles (and had a good laugh while doing so 😀 !). I marked down what would interest me most and when the day came, I was so tired in the morning that I nearly skipped the whole thing since I felt like just turning around in my bed and keep on sleeping. But I kicked my bum (yay! So proud of myself 😀 ) and went to the first lesson I had selected for that day, which was hula dancing.

I must say, besides the cliché sort of stuff you see on TV, I had absolutely no clue of what to expect from that course. I just remember seeing the movie “the Descendants” a little while ago and really liking the music, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I was a wee little bit late and missed the first few minutes of the course. I was astonished everyone was getting along with the dance so well and felt very dumb and frustrated that I nearly, but nearly quit, since I had no view of the teacher at all and I just didn’t know what I was supposed to do. But then, I ended up enjoying myself. The movements were so smooth, so cute and it looked so beautiful on the one teacher – it was like balm for the eye to watch her dancing 🙂 I just went along with it and bet it didn’t look half as good, but it felt at least as good! I think the best way to describe that dance would be “meditative dancing” as you ended up being really calm and just felt an utter joy inside yourself while doing those movements.

The choreography we learnt was actually a story being told with the body. I never thought about it, that you could do such a thing, and really liked that fact. Hear the song here for yourself – do you feel happy and calm when you hear it 🙂 ?

I can’t quite describe what that workshop did with me, but it did good. After that, I visited another workshop of a dance I longed to have a look into for ages, and finally did… And to continue the vibe: I tried out yet another sort of dancing class today, which I meant to try out for ages as well! I don’t know if it now has to do with the fact that I finally got to do something I’ve been longing to do for ages, or if it’s the fact that I’ve tried out something new – but let me tell you: I feel refreshed, good, more open-minded and just happy. A similar feeling to how I used to feel all those years ago when I was trying out a few different things. I hope you’ll get to try out some new things yourself :)! Please do feel free to share your thoughts and experiences here – what was the last thing you’ve tried out doing that you’ve never done before? I’d love to hear about it!


One thought on “Friday Flow #15: Do Things You’ve Never Done Before

  1. Oh, how exciting! It sounds like you had lots of fun 🙂

    And what great advice too. The last time I remember doing something new was probably earlier this year when I went to the aquarium for the first time ever. So much fun, and I definitely felt refreshed afterwards. This has got me thinking about what I should do next! XD


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