Ready… Set… Go! – Tyding-Up: Here I Come!!!

I finished reading Marie Kondo’s book last weekend and although I got back home late, I nearly couldn’t wait to get started…!!! A day has nearly passed now and let me tell you: I’m about to start… Tonight is the night (*sing*) where I’ll try out her method and start sorting out my wardrobe! Wish me luck!!!

But let me tell you what else I think of her book now that I finished reading it (see what I tought about it halfway through):

* What I liked most about the book is her approach onto respecting our belongings and taking care of them. While I’m sure it totally suits her Japanese Lifestyle, I’m very comfortable with her tips on mentally thanking your belongings for being a use to you or giving them an assigned place to rest, because yes – everything scattered around my room are things that don’t have a “home” yet, that don’t know where to go for a rest, because I haven’t assigned them a place yet. While I’m not a Buddhist nor know anything about Feng Shui or such, I really liked her description of how that behaviour would do us, and our belongings, well. I’m not going to go through it just the same way she suggests, but I’ll surely blend some of it into my lifestyle 🙂

* I do totally believe that she’s right in respect that being surrounded by beautiful things only make you happier and in a way also healthier! (I’ll be writing a post about that topic soon! Stay tuned!)

* Never did I think that letting go of things would be such an eye-opener and so relieving – in a later chapter she describes how it has to do with “letting the past go” or “being afraid of the future” – what an interesting thought and read!!! I’ll make sure to read more into that to try to understand my urge to keep everything.

All in all I’m very very glad I came across her book and read it. Book reviews of it won’t get you the total same feeling – if you’re interested in using her methods of tidying-up, then I really recommend you to read the book thoroughly because it may sound very simple at first, but when reading all of it and how she got to that conclusion, it makes even more sense to you and you can understand the steps you’re about to take and why they’re so important.

I’m not sure I’ll have the energy to go through all of my stuff in one go – but I’ll make sure I’ll go over my clothes with the Konmari Method, and maybe even further with my books, CD’s and DVD’s, and who knows: maybe I’ll hear that “click” sound she’s talking about and will end up going through my whole room with her guide book?

If I’d be to rate the book I’d give it five stars *****, because it makes you summon up your energy, pick up your lazy behind and start tidying-up with another approach which seems to be working fine with lots of different people 🙂 Did you read the book as well and what are your thoughts about it? Share them here with me, I’d love to hear all about them ❤


5 thoughts on “Ready… Set… Go! – Tyding-Up: Here I Come!!!

  1. I just read that book too and it’s a total game changer! What happened to me was I would stop reading at odd intervals just to pull out a random drawer or choose a nook in the house and tidy it 😀 That’s how motivational it was for me.

    There are just so many lessons I took away from it, but I think the major one for me is to put everything on the floor and start discarding first. That way, you only keep what brings you joy. Also, you’ll undoubtedly find out that you just have too many of the same items!

    And you’re absolutely right, you won’t get the same feel from just reading about it. 5 stars indeed.

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  2. The thrill and satisfaction of tidying-up! I personally find it hard to get started, but once I begin there’s no stopping me. I’ve been ruthless in my past few clean ups. And it feel so good XD Can’t wait to see your progress!

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