5 Thoughts While Reading Marie Kondo’s Book (Halfway Through)

I’m only halfway through the book, but it has already made quite an impact into my way of seeing things, although I sometimes find it hard to agree with what Marie Kondo writes. Let me state some of my thoughts about it so far:tn_reading marie kondo

1. It makes sense that by “searching around what to discard” you put a negative touch to the whole tidying-up process. One should always, no matter what it’s all about now, try to state things in a positive way without using negative words. I guess you’ve learned to do so in your job as well:) So when looking around my room, I try not to use my hawk eyes for what I want to get rid of, but to find the beautiful things I own that make me happy, and discarding those that don’t.

2. There might be some things, specially now in my wardrobe, that I don’t particulary “like” or that don’t spread utter joy when I wear them, but that are just essential to my wardrobe, like a plain black or plain white top, flesh coloured underwear – I know, all not very exciting nor sexy ;), but in combination with other clothes just a must-have. So, if I ever manage to try her method and sort out my clothes, I’m sure I’ll keep those things, even though they don’t sparkle a massive amount of joy and, according to the Konmari Method, would have to be discarded.

3. Another thing about clothes or things you don’t particulary like and therefore should discard is the fact that you might not be able to find them so soon again. Like, say, clothes and gear when you travel to a particulary hot country. There are certain linen pants or thin long sleeve shirts that, if off season, you just won’t find here to buy. Even in summer it’s very hard to find if it’s not in fashion at the moment. I remember desperately trying to find wide nice linen pants for my next trip and running into every single store in vain… Also, if you have a piece of clothing that you maybe not wear that much, but need at a particular time unknown (trip to a hot / cold country, wedding etc…), even if it’s stored for a few years in your closet, I think it’s worth storing it. I’m not a fan of getting rid of things just to get rid of them and make room, just to have to buy them again some time later when the time comes. I rather wake them from their beauty sleep and take them with me again, saving me the money for another thing.

4. I thought Marie Kondo’s description of folding the socks and talking to them quite cute 🙂 I mean, we really don’t know if socks have feelings, do we?! There’s one thing I adapted in my lifestyle now that I read about what she wrote on clothing and things: I thank the item or the clothing mentally for bringing me joy or for protecting my body, when I put it away, or before I put it in my Brocki-Bag to discard. I think it’s a nice way of seeing things, just the gratefulness of it all. I like the approach of being grateful not only to people, but also to the things we own and serve us for a purpose.

The other thing I can’t really agree with though is the sock-folding method Marie Kondo describes. Small socks would be all over my small closet drawer if I wouldn’t fold them over themselves and leave them like that. To me, that is the easiest way of finding the particular socks I need. It works perfectly fine and the elastics don’t get strained because it’s foldet over the lump. At least, I do that with the small socks. Kneelength socks just lay foldet together once in a pile. Let’s see if I might try to do it her way when the time comes to declutter my closet…

5. Stockpiling… We call it “hamstering” 😉 My partner tends to call me “my little hamster”, because I tend to stockpile a whole lot… I don’t know, I’ve had that weird fear of running out of things since I was a child. The thing is – it has happend several times while living with my family, that we’ve run out, let’s say, of milk. The absolute horror to me, specially on a working day morning! Or we’ve run out of toilet paper, or any other sort of toiletries. The problem in our own little flat now is that we barely have space to stock things. I painfully let go of stockpiling milk since my partner doesn’t like to drink UHT milk (the one you can store outside a fridge) and we simply don’t have the room to stock milk, and I must admit I’ve got a constant worry of running out of milk. It has happened a few times here as well and it was very, very difficult for me to take 😉 But I still won’t let go of stockpiling toiletries or other cleaning products. The thing is that you get them for sale in packs of three’s every once in a while, and it’s a very good and efficient way of saving money. To be honest: I nearly always buy toiletries and cleaning products only in those sale-packs. If I can’t find room in the bathroom cabinet to store them, they’ll be hidden in my closet… I know, very bad… don’t tell my partner 😉

So yeah, I can tell you I’m really enjoying reading the book and I’m constantly learning through it. And yes, it is true: the book makes you want to stop everything you’ve planned so far and start tidying-up right.this.moment!

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