Friday Flow #12: The Ultimate Mindfulness Raisin Experience

Let me take you on a mindfulness journey. All you need is some time and a raisin.

But really, you need time! Take your time with this, you will not regret it ❤

tn_watermarked-mindful raisin

Pick a raisin out of the bag, any you like.

Now hold it between your fingers and feel the texture, the consistence. Stroke it with your other finger, feel the surface. Do all of it with time and several times in a row if you like.

When you’re done, have a closer look at the raisin. Look at all its wrinkles on its surface. Look at the colour, the texture, the details more closely. Turn the raisin over and over between your fingers and look at every single crack, get to know “your” raisin 🙂 What do you think makes your raisin unique? How does it look any different from the others?

Take your time.

Now, put the raisin close to your nose. Smell it. Move the raisin between your fingers while you smell it. Does the smell change? Do you enjoy the smell? Is your mouth watering already?

And now, hold your raisin to your ear. Yes, your ear! Listen to it. Move it between your fingers while doing so – what do you hear? Do you hear anything, does it make any particular sound? Have you ever listened to the sound of a raisin before :)?

And now, taking your time – move the raisin towards your lips. Stroke it with your lips, feel the texture on your lips. Don’t put it into your mouth yet! Just feel the raisin with your lips.

Don’t forget to take your time.

Slowly put the raisin into your mouth now, but don’t chew it! What does it feel like in your mouth? Do you taste anything yet? Can you hold it between your teeth without munching it? Where does the raisin feel comfortable in your mouth?

Now, slowly, but slowly bite it, chew it a bit. Don’t swallow! Try to extend this moment and chew every last single bit of your raisin. Maybe you feel a little sorry for it now that you got to know it so well before eating it ;)?

When you finished chewing every last single bit of your raisin, imagine what it would feel like to swallow it. Feel it in your mind, how the raisin is going down your throat and into your tummy.

Now swallow and try to feel exactly what you pictured before. Can you feel it?


Maybe, after this experience, you will feel completely different towards raisins 🙂 You can try this exercise with any other sort of food you like. This helps you to come down a bit, slow down your hectic day and calm you a little bit. Share your experiences with me – I’d love to hear all about them 🙂


A penny for your thoughts... <3

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